Workin' on the Chaingang

Well, ok…not quite - I’m not in prison for one and there are no chains, does jewellery count!? :shifty:

You may well wonder what this thread is all about? Well, recently I’ve felt like I’ve been working on the Chaingang because I’m shovelling gravel/sand, mixing cement and literally throwing up blocks to make a concrete shed with my dad for the last week and half - not your typical girly girl work but hey, I’m a Jill of all Trades :cool:

I get alot of weird reactions when people see me work like a man would on a construction site with about 20 years experience! I guess I’ve learned it all from my dad of course since I was a child so it all comes very natural to me and I absolutely love it! :shifty:

I’m not at all sexist but it really made me wonder about how out of place I really am when I’m doing this type of work as I rarely see girls undertaking such labour intensive jobs. That’s not what I wish to talk about here today though - to me, this type of work is the weirdest job I’ve ever done - or indeed the weirdest job anyone would ever expect me to do in the first place!

So, my question to you guys is…what’s the weirdest job you’ve ever done? Or what job have you done that would really shock people or make them view you in a different light?

Really interested to hear your stories!! :spf:

The weirdest job i had is making market research from door to door and meeting only retired people, many of them who weren’t able to hear my questions.

You seen In Bruges? I think the loopy Irish hitman character played by Colin Farrell was actually based on the Wiz now that you mention it.

all this cement…better we make something for homeless…

so you’re the one to call for help, now i’m building a new bbq place in the meditation garden. that’s good to know :slight_smile:

how 'bout cement shoes, do you make any of these? :smiley:

hey Pachey :disagree:

All the people swimming in the fresh pool are thinking at you…That’s really nice !

I’m afraid that my experiences are not that exciting. Here you help where you have to help. If that means cleaning and fixing the swimming pool, you do it. There’s nothing weird on helping others :slight_smile:

Sounds like your father couldn’t have dreamed about a better son… err… daughter :stuck_out_tongue:

But I grew up seeing my mom doing similar work so I don’t find that any strange.

I’ve been introduced to many different kinds of work as a kid, from construction to gardening and farming, but nothing weird.

All real work I ever did as an adult was at the computer but there’s nothing weird to do with that too. Unless you count using pink on some websites.

Martha of all trades, yay!

I’m too boring a person to have ever done anything weird. I’m that harmless. :frowning:

If you had asked what the most stupidest thing was I’ve ever done, now that would be an entirely different story.

Oh wait, I have one. When I lived in the Sahara - we all know that traffic isn’t something you have to worry about in the Sahara - I was advised to go and bring a letter to the chief of transport. On the way back to the bungalow, a monstrous Caterpillar drove over me and dragged me onto the sand. It was the only driving vehicle there and I still managed to get dragged under those huge wheels. I was day-dreaming and didn’t hear or see that thing coming. Oh, and I was 9-years old.

I had a broken leg, but was fine otherwise. Does that count? :smiley:

But like you, other than the fact that I like men, I’m not much of a girl. Never been very girly.

Maleika - I was picturing a little Caterpillar creature pulling you into the sand :eek: then I read on…and I was disappointed lol How did that manage to happen?! How did that drive over you like that! Wow you were very lucky with just a broken leg to show for it! Eek!

:lol: @ Martha reference haw haw! :smiley: I think it’s good to not be the typical girly type - makes us more mysterious :shifty: :rolleyes:

The stupidest thing for me would be when I had this office job - I was still in school but worked there in the evening times and I was on Photocopy duties - I was asked to Photocopy some original documents for this customer - so I went off to the Photocopy room and started scanning away there on my own - there was this paper clip on one of the original documents so I tried to pry it off, but I cut myself and blood went everywhere on the original document I was holding! :shifty: Anyway I felt like a right idiot, thinkin…now what am I going to do and more importantly how am I going to explain this fiasco! Er…I got stabbed by a paper clip sorry… :shifty: But anyway to cut a not so long story even shorter…in the end I basically copied the original and replaced that as an original which looked identical… nothing was ever said, but yes…I felt like a right twit :shifty: :hush:

Who’s scared ?

The Wiz.

Oh, I thought this was the scared thread ;). My bad.

You guys :lol: runs to check out Mafia Wars on Facebook :shifty:

Imagine being a hitman/woman - that would be a very surreal job - carrying out “hits” on people - sort of like a Bourne character “Wiz…Activated…Location: Ireland…Mission: Take out Crazy & BLZ…Mission Initiated & Complete” :shifty:

Expect no mercy from her :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: say hi to the fishes from me :lol:

Colin is okay, but that character was awesome!

Did not mean to denigrate you Wiz. Don’t make me concrete boots and toss me in a loch, okay?

Of course it is :rolleyes: works like a charm!

Did you manage to figure out that goose yet Blz?!

:shifty: :hush: careful now… :x

I can’t stand him - besides I’m a tough almost impossible act to follow Blz, excuse you! :nono:

I know about it, I went from door to door for elections…

you gotta bring a megaphone with you next time :smiley:

You can make now virtual farms !