SPF Team Leaders Allowed to Insult Members?

This was posted in response to what I objectively read as very valuable feedback posted in the appropriate place…

Personally, I’m deeply offended that some of my posts (in fact, in reply to a staff member’s own “pant-pissing” which made me realize there were indeed issues with the contest) were grouped in with what’s now labelled as “unwelcome” content.

FYI - the entire point of those posts was not to “pant-piss”, but to recognize how the contest could be improved next time around…

I think SPF (spike, in particular) owes its members an apology for interpreting VALUABLE FEEDBACK as “pant-pissing”.

That’s very very bad form.

And considering just last week, I was WARNED by SPF staff for apparently “insulting a member” because I suggested he should learn English better before attempting to write a blog in the English language??? <— SERIOUSLY?

I have held back until now… but I have to come out and say WTF??? Is this community really such an oligarchy that the quality of a post is determined not on its own merit, but by who posts it?? I swear I feel like I’m back in middle-school…

Steve, please accept my apologies for my comment. It was not directed at you per se but I have offended you for which I apologise.


[ot]transio, can I say that I love your avatar? “My name is Iñigo Montoya, get ready to die” (I don’t know if that’s the right translation, I watched the movie in Spanish :slight_smile:

I really laughed a lot with that movie.

I know, I know, this is completely off-topic and I should ban myself. I think I’ll do just that in just a bit. I simply couldn’t resist! :D[/ot]

Thanks, Spike… much appreciated. Sincerely. :slight_smile:

You can!!! :smiley: I love it too!!! The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies of all time! I actually made it in Photoshop, because the only ones you find on google images are rectangular.

The title is “La princesa prometida” in Spanish :slight_smile: I can understand why you like it. I thought it was hilarious the first time I watched it. :smiley:

You should read the book some time. It’s a classic and a worthy read even if you’ve already seen the film.

Cool, I love it when I arrive when the heat is off. :wink:

So are you all good transio, or are you still feeling a bit hacked off?

I’m solid, Hawk. Thanks. :slight_smile: Feels good to let off some steam lol.