Just checkin' in

Remember me?

Haven’t been around these parts for a while.
Thought I’d see how many of the old crew are still around.


Hey, look what the cat dragged in. You must have heard us mentioning you now and then. Wow! It’s great to hear from you, Hawk. How’s life treating you?

There are some things about old-timers that just don’t change. I think most are still here. I think you’ll be pleased to learn about some of the staff changes that have taken place. I’m still mentoring around. Will leave the details of changes to the staff to talk about, but I wanted to be the first to say “Hi” and ask how your kids are doing.


Ha. You’ll laugh when you hear why I’m back. I was searching over on Meta for examples of Discourse documentation when I found this. Turns out I wrote it.

Made me feel a bit nostalgic so I thought I’d say hi. Good to hear from you Ron. I miss the old team.

The kids are great. They’re 8 now and ironically more PC literate than me. Hadn’t touched one in years. Thanks for asking.



Welcome back!


Hi Sarah :smiley:

Now that you’ve found your way back, why don’t you stick around? :grin:


Because I have 3 jobs already. :wink:

Wow. Those smilies are full on!


Great to see you around, @HAWK.

Do try to drop in sometimes - we miss you.

(Sorry to be late to the party, but we’ve been without Internet for ten days. )


Hi Sarah

Feverbee seems to be going very well.
Have the twins grown enough to let you concentrate on work more? :wink:
Still finding time for kickboxing or are you starting to mellow and now favoring less physical activities?

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It is thanks. Loving it.

They have. They’re 8 now so if I start work at 5am I can get a full-time day in and still finish at 3pm to be a mum.[quote=“Mittineague, post:8, topic:263779”]
or are you starting to mellow and now favoring less physical activities?

Heh. Quite the opposite. I’ve just finished training as a gym instructor so once a day I teach group fitness to several hundred people at Les Mills. It’s great to get away from the screen for a bit.


I love Body Combat. Too bad nobody else except me and my sister felt that way, so they cancelled it, and now we have to settle for Body Pump :weary:

Hello Sarah, I don’t think we ever met during your time here; I’m not even sure I’d joined then. Your reputation proceeds you though, and it’s good to see you dropping by.

Oh no! I work at the mothership gym where all the programs are created, so we have every class many times per day. I teach CXWorx – the core strength class.

Hey Chris,
Your name is familiar. I think you were prob a member when I left. And thanks for your words. :slight_smile:

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