Will having an active blog section improve traffic on ecommerce site

I am thinking of writing a blog post a day related to item sold on my ecommerce site. I am hoping traffic will improve as currently I am still really getting very low organic searches. While I am sure it will improve traffic the problem now is how to get the visitors from the blog post to the sale page. Any suggestions please?

I have the same thought and if you read the articles on the internet that should help, point is still where do you post the blog and will it be found? I saw someone that’s it’s better to post the blog on a different site with a different server/ip adress is this true? or can you put the blog on your existing homepage?

A blog section in ecommerce store will definitely helps in gaining organic traffic especially if you talk about a specific product =) I look forward to hear from you after you have implemented this.

The articles on the blog can bring in some search traffic.

Blog post that is related to what you sell is good. It can enhance you Page Rank. readers can also have some knowledge in what you are selling. Blogging for your products is a good idea and proven working.

I agree, articles posted on blogs help in generating organic traffic. It is much better to use a different server for your blog, but it also depends on how you present your links.

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Yes, this will help you a lot… In this way you are creating more content for your website. This surely helps you in ranking high.

Moreover you can talk about your offerings which is kind of promotion of your products. This impact on buyer’s decision

Having a blog on your e commerce site is a really great way to direct traffic to your site. Especially if the products you are blogging about are highly targeted keywords in themselves.

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This is a proven technique.Adding a blog will help you to interact more with your visitors and customers and this will certainly help you to get more sales.

3 ways to send people to your e-commerce sales page from blog

  • link the sale page directly from your blog post content
  • use the sidebar of your blog to show the recent/popular items available for sale + item categories
  • Show related products below the blog article