Article content on blog and ecommerce site?

i am getting some article written for my ecommerce knife site. I will be posting them to my blog. However should I also put them to my ecommerce site? For example if I have an article for a brand of knife should I also post that to my ecommerce site when someone is viewing that type of brand or just keep the article information strictly to my blog? would it be duplicate content as far as google is concerned? thanks for the help, i’m a newbie to all this content writing SEO stuff.

Optimize your blog post for keywords you are targeting.

Don’t put to your ecommerce site if you desire putting on your blog. Just place a link to your ecommerce site with right anchor text from blog posts.

thanks for the info, that helps a lot…i seem to have got my blog indexed by google, but cant get my actual blog posts indexed, not sure why that is, even submitted a sitemap to webmaster tools. i was thinking of using onlywire to submit blog posts to sites

Content on your ecommerce site should be kept simple, informative and sales. If you want to add content to an ecommerce site keep it on pages where you do not have products. When people want to browse products they seriously do not want to read a 500 word article.

Now, with regards to the content. Always place it on your blog first. In your case it is kind of tricky only because you will be probably making the most money through the ecommerce site. As far as duplicate content is concerned here is the way it pans out. There is NO duplicate content penalty, however, Google tends to index the site that submitted the content first. As the other sites with duplicate content come in, the duplicate content gets compared to site relevancy, to keywords, content, and a bunch of other things. The site with the most relevancy and highest quality content gets indexed whereas the others get filtered OUT. This filtering has been misinterpreted by MANY people and hence the duplicate content fallacy was born. SO, to avoid having the duplicate content filtered out, change it up a bit; maybe the title, a few words here and there and you should be fine. The more unique and quality your content the more chances you will have at getting indexed.

what if i just took a couple sentences and put on my ecommerce site and a link for the full article to link to my blog?
can anyone recommend good reading for starting a blog in terms of what sites to submit it to and what sites to submit posts to each time you submit a blog post. i just signed up for onlywire, think i may try that