Construction of an amazing blog but no traffic

Hi everyone. I have started making what I think is the beginning of potentially great blog regarding Anaesthetics - - however I’m not really sure how to gain traction in getting more people to view my blogs. How many blogs should I be aiming to post each month to get regular traffic?

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How often do you have news or something of genuine interest to post? Posting X times per month because somebody says that’s the optimum rate will not help if you have nothing worth reading in those posts. On the other hand, three posts in six months is so minimal it’s not surprising readers don’t think to check back.

Perhaps start with one post per month, made regularly on the first / last / fifteenth / whatever day of the month, so people know when to check back. If you find enough material, you could gradually increase to fortnightly or even weekly posts.

Post as often as you have something meaningful to say. What I did was go to several forums and posted my blog-related knowledge there. People who were more interested in who I am or to check my creds would then click on my profile to see who I was, and that included a link to my blog.

Go so sites where people may discuss your topic and wow them with your helpful tips.

Your site is primarily for selling a service, correct? So I believe that Google will give it a lower priority in search results; they want you to pay them to give your site a higher ranking. Also, people might be skeptical of articles in a site that sells a service. There is nothing wrong; I am just suggesting what might be an influence.

Also understand that things that look nice, like big pictures, might impress some people but some people might get the wrong impression. Some people are skeptical of things with a lot of flash and minimal actual value. Lady Gaga complains that she is not taken seriously but it was her choice to act foolish. Perhaps it will help to put more emphasis on the actual content and less effort to make a good impression.

Incorrect. Paying for advertising may give you an advertising spot (labelled as such) near the top of search results, but it will not influence your organic search ranking. Many businesses rank well without paid advertising.

The main factor in ranking well is high-quality, unique content. More content would mean the blog has a better chance of matching a search query and being returned in search results. As it stands, it has two articles and a video with no transcript, captions or other text Google could crawl and index. Not much there to work with in terms of search results.

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hello , i am getting good traffic on my site.

Here are some tricks which you can use to increase your site traffic too .-
1- Make your content more userfriendly ( to the point ) .
2- Simple language
3- Short article covering whole topic and divide your article into paragraphs . ( Max 4 lines ) no one loves to read big big paragraphs.
4- Use inbound & out Bound links
5- Use top search Keywords .
6 - Use Data Graphs , Images , short video to make your article more attractive and this will also reduce bouncing rate .

you can share on social media ( paid marketing ) instagram , facebook , quora , twitter are the top social media sites . you will get traffic in millions .

All The Best .

Post atleast 2-3 blogs a week . This will help to maintain good traffic .

First, I think the term organic is not clearly defined and is being used to hide the real meaning. As best as I understand what it means, I think it means the opposite of paid; in other words, free. I think it would help if people used words more precise and definitive.

Sure, it is difficult to find anything saying that search results are influenced by revenue from websites paid to Google. They have probably modified how they do business compared to the past. A couple of years ago it was very difficult to spot the difference between advertisements at the top of search results and non-advertisements.

All the following explain something called intent and that Google might differentiate between searches with a commercial intent and searches with an information intent.

So I will rephrase what I said. Based on what the preceding articles say, it seems that if Google thinks someone is searching for information then Google might give a website that appears to be commercial a lower ranking. Yet someone looking for information is likely interested in articles (which in the past few years have begun to be called blogs).

Also note that it is believed that Google has ways to determine if content is original. If content has been borrowed from elsewhere then Google is likely to give a lower ranking for that.

I am using it in the sense in which Google uses it.

A free listing in Google Search that appears because it’s relevant to someone’s search terms.

I believe it comes from the well-established use of the word to mean

Characterized by gradual or natural development.

(See 4.1 on this page for numerous examples.)

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I think there is more to be said but since it is off-topic here I will let that be the final word here.

Try to practice a lot of posts. Then the writing will start to get much better As for those words, they will gradually develop themselves. Try to write a lot of articles and be very useful. Encouraged me

As the OP has never returned, there seems little point in reviving this discussion now.

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