How do i make sales through my blog

Good day everyone,

i have blog that few visitor visit per day. but it is not making sales. i want to know how to boost my blog with more visitors and make sales.

you can check my blog to tell me what i can do to improve it and please be honest with me.

thank you.

Emmanuel Adogun

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Dear Emmanuel,
Recently I have joined this FORUM for connect with relevant peoples to share ideas, tips, and more.
As per your question, my advises are

  1. Install Google Webmaster Code to your blog
  2. Define your target audience
  3. Use social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others.
  4. Showcase your products like they’re celebrities.
    Define product is details with pictures, videos, user manual and etc.
  5. Ofcouse Content Marketing is most powerful tool to make your blog popular.
    Hope this might help you !
    Cheerz ! :slight_smile:

Hi finegadgetsuk welcome to the forum

Most of those listed are not a review but are vague generalized suggestions that, TBH, I don’t know why you might think they have not already been tried.

The exception is

Using one of the products found on the site as an example, what would you do differently or in addition to what is already being done?

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Manuel Should select better keywords for her website.

Also she can add some products vimage with blog content. thanks.

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How do you suggest he does this, especially for a highly-competitive area like electronics? What’s wrong with the currently-targeted keywords?

Do you mean add images? If so, there are already images on the site, so how should these be improved?

@Emmanuel_Adogun: the main problem with the site that I can see from a quick visit is that your content is all taken directly from Amazon, so there is no incentive for me to visit your site rather than to go directly to Amazon.

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Dear Mashfi,
thank you very much for your response to my question. i want to also thank you for be honest with me.
you are right must of my writings are taken from amazon website. people usually tell me that i need to buy a products before i can write an article on them.but the question is i do i write a article about a products if i have not bought the products?

dear Mashfi, let just say i am a novic in this blogging of a thing, please can you teach me how to write an honest and truthful article about a products without buying the products?
i await your response.

If you are offering “reviews” of a product, then the only honest way to do that is to test the product and give your opinion from your experience. How you get hold of the product is up to you. Some companies might be willing to give or lend you a sample in return for a review, but I suspect they would want you to demonstrate the worth of your blog first.

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Dear mashfi,
thanks for your prompt response to my what you are saying is that i cannot write an article without first using the product. this very difficult for me.
which other amazon products will you advice me to promote without buying and is having a rapid sales.
i await for your response.

Interesting idea that, reviews of something never viewed.

Let me try. This topic is a site review, and I have not visited the site.

Just the same, I will post a review.

My first impression of the Online Electronics Shopping site comes from its URL

  • it is http not https - because the site is not secure I would hesitate to do any business there.
  • it is a blogspot site - because the site is a free subdomain it is not “professional” and again I would hesitate to do any business there.

On the postive side, the layout of the site design is OK, navigation is fine, and the images look nice.

On the negative side, there is little to no original content to hold my interest.

In Summary:
This is just one more example of an “automated” site hoping to make some money without investing the time, work and money needed to make it a success.

Hows that for a review?


Hi there! I was able to read your message and I’m willing to help. Perhaps you might wanna try out these tips:

  1. Since you are selling products in your blog, you should write quality contents about the products you are selling and highlight on the benefits of having these products. Focus more on the pros and why your customers must have it and don’t forget to place an internal link going to the page where they can check out the product you are try to sell.

  2. Make an honest review about these products. Again, you also have to focus on the idea as to why your customers MUST HAVE this product.

  3. Promote these contents using social media account for wider exposure.

  4. Use proper SEO techniques so you can achieve better search engine rankings. The better the ranking, the more visitors you have and the better the chance of making sales…

Hope this helps!:slight_smile:

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As far as I can see, you’re not actually selling anything directly; you’re using affiliate links to Amazon and hoping to benefit from people going via your site to shop there.

You might find this article from Google illuminating:


promote your blog through social platform

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If it’s done well. that might bring more visitors - but it’s unlikely to increase sales, IMHO. The problem with the site is that it offers no original content, only information copied directly from Amazon. If I were looking to buy electronic goods, I would go directly to a reputable large store to look. I wouldn’t go through an unknown blog with no original content.

The only way to encourage people to actually use the site is to provide unique content not found elsewhere. Once that’s in place, then it would be time to start promoting, but at the moment, there is nothing to promote.

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Hello TechnoBear,
thanks for response to my question. the truth is why i am find it very hard to write an original content is because i was told that i cannot write about a products if i don’t buy and it first. i don’t have money for such. so what should i do?

I think this is a very good point.
Too many people seem to think the web is an unlimited source of “easy money” and jump on the band-waggon.
The truth: there is no easy money.
As in any business, you need to invest to see a return, be that investment hard work, hard cash or more likely a bit of both.
Even then, there are no guarantees of success in such a competitive arena.



You should optimize your blog, get yourself a domain name and add more content. Those few visits that you get are not going to generate any sales, you should optimize your ROI. It seems that you’ll need more than junk traffic to generate income via amazon affiliate sales. You can consider getting more information about how to use guest blogging and tips to increase Amazon affiliates revenues here.

Anyway, the key to success in Affiliate marketing is optimization, testing and testing again till you get that magic formula that work through a good ROI.

Just my two cents…

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That’s a good idea to earn money online. There are several ways to monetize your blog such as putting advertisment, affiliate programs, etc.

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you can using social media platforms plus make seo for blog then get adsense or participate in affilate program

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Social media and SEO can help to promote the blog, but they are unlikely to have much impact on sales. Even promoting a site with so little original content may be an uphill struggle.

First of all, you really need to look at what you are doing and why. A blog requires regular updating, so you need to ensure that you choose a field that you’re really interested in and can produce high-quality, unique content.

As others have said, it sounds as if you’re really just looking to make money by the easiest method, rather than creating a site because you feel you have something to contribute. As you have found, your current model is not working, and hopefully you’ve read enough here to understand why not. There are various ways to monetise a site, but none of them is likely to work without a good site with interesting, original content.

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you can increase your sale by adding more visitors on your site. For this you have to do social media marketing on facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, instagram, google+, etc. And also submit articles related to your niche.

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