Blog for an ecommerce website

We have an ecommerce website. The ecommerce store is running on OS Commerce platform. We, now, want to have a blog explaining about our products, our offers and video demonstrations. We have three choices to go.

  1. Have a separate blog and link to our website.
  2. Have the blog integrated with the website, viz., In this case, I have a doubt as to whether the contents, especially the videos may may add up to the server load and it may add up to the loading time for customers.
  3. Have a sub-domain within as

I am a lot more confused in this area. I request the forum members suggestion / help as to which method would be preferred for an ecommerce website.

Thanks in anticipation.

From an SEO point of view (that is, how well your site performs in search engine results), it doesn’t make any difference.

What’s more important is how it looks to your visitors. If you think one of your suggested schemes will be easier for visitors to understand - and easier to navigate - then that’s the one you should go for. In practice, I doubt that will be an issue. Provided you have easy navigation between the blog and the main site, the visitors should be happy.

As for load on your server, then that might be a factor - although most modern servers could probably cope with it easily. Of course, you could always host the videos elsewhere if that does become a problem.


I like to keep things together, so I would put it as My recommendation when you start adding content to your blog is not to make it an advertisement billboard. I see many businesses do this and no one reads their blogs. A good place is to write how to articles and tutorials about your products that you are selling and link them to the product you are talking about.

To answer the OP’s question, I’d go for I have the same reason as webexp here: I like keeping things together. Plus, having your blog under your main domain will help you take advantage of the freshness factor. If you show a preview of your blog on your main page, that will count as fresh content if you update it regularly.

Now I see why they named you member of the month, Mike. I like your answer! What matters in making a website a huge hit is to consider how everything’s going to look like in the eyes of those who you think will visit your site.

Thank you for your posts. I would now like to go with Yes, as MIKE said, I would make the blog customer friendly. With this I am closing this thread as I got all the required info for starting my work.