Why would people give you a back-link?

It seems to me that back-links are still really important both on the surface to gain traffic to your site, and indirectly to help SEO.

And considering I am having a total meltdown with getting my client’s website ranked above page 12, I need lots of help!!

Could someone help me understand WHY someone would back-link to your website?

I mean if someone likes what you sell, they might put a link on their home page - do people even have those any more?!

But if I am the ACME company, what would compel me to place a link to www.mikeys-donuts.com ?? :confused:

What you are looking for are sites that provide a complementary product or service - ones where the people who would use one site are likely to find the other useful as well.By providing the link to that site you are making your site more useful because they can get both what you offer and those complementary products/services without having to do another search.

For example a site offering conference facilities but which doesn’t have their own meals service could link to local catering services for those who want to provide meals at their conference.


Yep, backlinks are extremely important in SEO, and there are various reasons why people WOULD link to your website. In the context of SEO though, this is quite different.

For example, let’s say you’re guest posting.

Webmasters would allow you to post a couple of links (one for your site and the other for your social media accounts, usually) on your bio. Basically, backlinks somehow serve as a form of payment (if you’re doing it for free) for providing quality content into their website.

In the case of

try guest posting in food preparation and kitchen websites. Provide content talking about doughnut recipes or something like that.

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For a small business and a new business online, how hard do you think it is to gain such links?

I am a programmer and not a salesperson. And the owner is a mechanic and not a salesperson.

It seems that one reason his site is between pages 10 - 13 is because nobody is linked to us.

I am further confounded in where you could get links if sites like user forums have a no follow link policy. (Honestly not sure if I understand what that is…)

This recent thread might give you some ideas:

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