The importance of backlinks in SEO?

What is the importance of backlinks in SEO? Do you think it is a must? Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Yes, that’s a complete must, your pages won’t be ranked otherwise.

You need appropriate links to ensure all your pages can be crawled by search engines, but the idea that backlinks are the most important element in SEO is many years out of date. All the major search engines will penalise a site which attempts to use links to manipulate site ranking.

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There is a importance of backlinks because if you want to rank higher in google search page you need to create links on high domain authority. Mainly we create backlinks to make our website popular on all the platform for that you have to create high quality backlinks

Sorry, but that is incorrect. “Domain authority” is a metric created and used by, so does not influence Google.

Creating links with the intention of influencing or manipulating search results is a violation of Google’s TOS, which may result in your site being penalised. I strongly urge you to read the guidelines linked to in the post above.


Anytime you can write the phrase “create links on”, throw the site away in terms of SEO.

If you can EARN links on a reputable site, it will be helpful.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I was still thinking that backlinks is a must in SEO

Hello Jimyee, here I want to share my experience with you. First, when someone search something on search engine through various web browser, they have some specific keywords. By using this keyword search engine show some result on SERP. Search engine always trust on high pa da sites, if you have created your backlinks on that high pa da website, then they trust the information you have shared. Creating backlinks is important otherwise your webpage will niot be ranked.

No, they don’t.

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority ¶ are metrics created and used by Search engines have their own algorithms to determine trustworthiness.

… then the site is unlikely to be regarded as trustworthy. Reputable sites (like SitePoint) mark user-generated links as “nofollow”, in accordance with Google’s guidelines. The only links which are worth anything to search engines are those links you have earned, where a site has chosen to link to you because of the quality of your content. Links you post yourself are at best useless, and at worst may result in a penalty against your site.

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This is not necessarily true. It is entirely possible for a site with absolutely no backlinks to be in the SERPs. The primary factor (other than it being indexed) is that a page have what the user is searching for. Depending on how many pages have what is being searched for the number of backlinks to any given page may not be important at all.

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Though to be fair, such a site will naturally gain backlinks, assuming the quality of their content is good.

I can register any site i own to be ‘ranked’ in the SERP. Google makes tools available to (re)crawl my site, regardless of the number of backlinks, or social media posts, or even the sanity of my keywords or whatever SEO buzzwords people want to use as their personal ruler for measuring their worth. It may not be flying atop the first page results, but it’ll be in Google’s index.

Backlinks are one of the 2nd biggest google ranking factor. After resolving the issues of technical seo and onsite you can achieve better result by making quality backlinks.

Do you have an authoritative (i.e. search engine) source to back that up?

I have posted links to guidelines from Google, Bing and Yandex, all of which state that creating links with the intention of manipulating search results will result in a penalty against your site. By all means disagree with what I have posted, but please back up your view with a link of equal authority.

Off-course, backlinks is very important from quality website It’s also generate traffic.
Link Building is a part of off-page optimization. The process of getting external links to the website from high PR websites. This link building will make our website a well-trusted site for search engine and help in the ranking.

Everything that needs to be said here has been said, plus the OP has gone AWOL.
Thanks all for the input!

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