Back links and content are best in SEO


I don’t know about your ideas but I think back links are more important than content in SEO. I mean, I create a new page or blog page, it will not be indexed easily.

when I submit these new pages to social bookmarking sites, they are indexed very fast.

So, content is for readers to come back to your site and back links are to get visitors to come to your site the first time.

For me, back links are more important than content because without getting your site indexed, how to make visitors come back?

Your idea is appreciated.


I think content is most important for seo, because peoples would like to attractive content. So they presents of unique content with attractive, it may increase the visitors and get traffic to our website. And then back link is helpful to promote our website in Google pr.

Both are important and can give you a tremendous results, backlinks give your site a traffic but the bounce rate eventually goes down if the content is too spammy. With quality content, backlinks also soars high.

Yes, And second benefit is if your site have very good and attractive contents then you can get some other backlinks without any notice because many webmasters can give links for your website due to your good contents.

For example you can see top article directories. Due to good content many sites give backlinks to them.

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Both the things are important. You can drive visitors to your site from backlinks, but are backlinks can engage or bound your visitors to stay on your website or revisit?

Saying ‘content and links’ are best for SEO is like saying that petrol and an engine is best for a car. Mmmm… yeah?

No, I think content are more important than back links in SEO.

from my experience, i have had sites with no content, but a lot of keywords pointing to the site and still got on the 1st of google, so you tell if link building is not key

You have to give people a reason for visiting your site. The fact that you might be able to get your site to #1 in Google for a certain query simply by building up back links* is not a reason for people to visit your site. And if they do visit once, they won’t go back. But if you build a site with strong content, that is a reason for people to go there once, to go there again, to bookmark it, tweet it, share it, and spread the love.

* although I have my doubts as to whether you could do this.

Putting lots of effort into SEO for a site without good content is like running a marketing campaign for a supermarket that promises the lowest prices around, and then people get there and find it stocks baked beans, rye bread and nothing else. They might have been conned into going there once, but it isn’t a good business model.

Sure, when you first launch your site, you might need to go on a bit of a blitz and get some links out there, but once it’s established, there’s no need for it. Organic links are far more valuable than manufactured links, and you will get these from good content. Concentrate on building a really good site that people will want to visit, rather than trying to game the search engines. I don’t think I’m wrong when I say that the combined intelligence of everyone working at Google is probably higher than yours - they’re pretty hard to outwit.

Once you have a site that people love, you have something very special. Links will not make people love your site more. And for example, here on sitepoint all the signature links are not even viewable by search engines, yet we have lots of quality discussions going on.

If you want people to come back then it’s your content that is the no.1 thing - always! That is the single most important thing in “SEO” :slight_smile:

Backlinks are viewed by search engines as a measure of content quality, which is not always the case.