Back link on a site for seo

Good evening , starting from 0 I study Html and I create a Site for ny brother…
It is very difficult , as I read, to get back link.
I ’ ll really appreciate some king help.
Thak you in adevance.

Welcome to the forums, @giancarlocusintino.

Despite what you may read elsewhere, the only links worth having from an SEO perspective are those you earn, by having great content to which other sites choose to link. Links which you place yourself are worthless for this purpose, and if done to excess, may result in your site being penalised. See this article for details:

This is a very old video from Google, but it might give you some ideas:

Try Backlinko blog, there are tons of guides for beginners.

back link is always an important

The OP has not returned since posting so there seems little point in offering further advice. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.