Why My Client's site PR not increasing

I have a client’s site on home furnishing and I promoting on particular anchor text which is on link and its coming in top 5 in India on particular keyword and many others keywords but it’s PR is not increasing why any body can tell me I also listed in DMOZ directory. I do not why its not increasing.

You have no way of knowing whether PR is increasing or decreasing. All you can see is what Google puts on the toolbar, which is usually out of date (it’s update only once every few months) and inaccurate (rounding issues).

Do yourself a favour and forget PR. It won’t necessarily help your rankings and it won’t increase your visitors or conversions.

Don’t worry about the page rank. What’s your domain age? Google has updating periodically it’s time taken, fallow Off page and on page optimization perfectly.

domain is launched in 2007.

site’s traffic is good but client want to increase PR. :slight_smile:

Most of your links appear to be rubbish.

As for the PR, maybe you should think about educating your client about its true worth :slight_smile:

Okay I will try to educate him thnax a lot.

PR is vanity, search results are sanity. You need to make your client aware that PR is worthless and not worth your time to chase after.

I concur.
Mon dieu!

Try to get dofollow backlinks, then only you can get PR juice.

All the generic one liners of advice you give are not very helpful.

I would not worry about PR too much, I’ve had a PR0 site before that earned me $200 a month.

mybe you must do SEO method, on page and off page activity and it was do with continues …i think with SEO method will increase traffic for your’e client website …

on page optimization :
choice and improving keyword in URL, Title, Content website, Keyword Tags …

off page optimization :
social bookmarking
social networking
article submission
forum submission
press release submission
blog walking / blog commenting