PageRank stuck to 0

I maintain a website, more than 1 year old. Has good and original content, more than 150 pages, has some backlinks from respected sites (no more than 10 at the moment). There’s SEO, it fairs decent in search results and there are 200+ unique visitors each day. I also use webmaster tools and all looks fine there.

Yet, the site’s pagerank has been stuck to 0 forever. I don’t know what the problem is.

Also, secondary issue, the site doesn’t seem to be indexed thoroughly, or fare well, with other search engines besides google (like yahoo and bing).


here’s the site link (but the site’s in greek):

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

PR is a pretty meaningless measure. What you should focus on is how well your site ranks. Is it on the front page for relevant searches? That’s what matters, after all.

Thank you. I would still like to troubleshoot this. I’d be happy if it was anything but zero to be honest. :slight_smile:

I am trying to find what I may have done wrong. (unintentionally, no black hat or paid links or whatever being used)

Don’t focus too much on PageRank, it will come if you consistently do what you’re doing.

Personally, I prefer if my keywords rank well on search engines rather than if I have PageRank. The traffic will bring a lot to your site, revenue will start to come in as well.

Hopefully, on the next update you’ll get a PageRank. :slight_smile:

I think Page Rank is useless, do work only to increase your website traffic because traffic convert in revenue.

Thanks guys. I do not strive for a PageRank, I just considered a PR 0 (after a year online) is an indication of some kind of problem with the website. Is it common to have PR 0 in legit websites?

Extremely common. Search for just about any keyword and you’ll find PR0 results on the first page. Google hardly ever updates the toolbar value, and when they do they use already months-old data and not all pages even get updated at all. They’ve done just about all they can do to make it useless, yet people still obsess over it.