Google PR not updated

my problem is I have a client site on which I was link building from last 2 months and I use all the technique to get one way link even I also take Dmoz listing for my site but I am completely shocked that google did not increase my site’s PR, anybody know that what could be the reason or google has change his PR alog.

I saw your website for 3 minutes…every thing is perfect.
You not need to worry… actually you are promoting a website with more competitors.

Some time Google take time.
Best Of Luck…

How do you know it did not change? It shows PR1 for me. It could have been 1.000000001 before and now it 1.999999999 - both show as 1 in the tool bar.

Why do you care about the PR? Did all of this work mean that your traffic increased? That’s the real aim isn’t it?

Yes you should not worry about the PR right now just try to get more traffic and be as much relevant as you can for doing SEO for the site. Also consider the new factors of getting PR of google, study it and modify the necessary things in it.

Focus on gaining your site indexed and targeted for specific keywords that will be picked up by the search engines.