Why is my site's Google PageRank now 0?

Why is my site’s Google PageRank now 0? It had been at PR5 for over a year, but since the last update it’s been at PR0 and my traffic has dropped by a factor of 10. Please help me figure this out. Thanks.

  • Duplicate content?
  • Paid backlinks?
  • Cloaking?
  • Who knows?

My neighbour’s car doesn’t work, can anyone tell me why?

Get the gist…?

A little more information would be helpful. Like, what is the URL of your website?

What’s the biggest changes you’ve made before the PR ranking took place? Can you provide additional information? That’s a really big drop though…

I would advice you to look into what are the recent changes you have done to your site. Google might have penalize your site due to some activities and hence there is a drop in PR. Do you have a google webmaster account? It may tell you something…

When thus this update happened and how long it has been?

It would help if you provided your url if you want any help.

Who cares about PR. How is traffic? Unchanged? Then don’t worry.

Actually, the original poster stated that their traffic was not unchanged, it had

dropped by a factor of 10

I guess the original poster thinks there may be a link between the PR decreasing and their traffic dropping. I think they may be correct in that assumption, if only partially so. It is good to read what others here think.

I would be more interested in knowing what has happened to the site’s position on the results page for common search terms. Has it dropped from 3rd place to 3rd page? Or is it still where it was before?

Yes, that would be interesting.