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It seems like my website is page rank 0 and that makes me scared…is it because my website is still new or is something wrong? I have done tons of google searches and have found conflicting answers.

My website is 2 months 3 weeks and 3 days old and according to my page rank is 0. When searching for “mad panda” on google though my position has been improving, as of yesterday it moved up 4 places, so I’m not sure if i should be happy or not. I keep getting told PR is everything so i’ve been trying to get it up but it is staying at 0. The webpage is if you need to check the PR yourself but ive tried like 10 different checkers. Also smart page rank says that i only have 6 yahoo backlinks, but when i click the link for “6” it brings me to yahoo and yahoo says I have 124…why is it doing that? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

edit: just to clarify the conflicting google results tell me that PR 0 means blacklisted which other people say it means a new website while other people say no, 1 means new website. I don’t know which one is right

If this helps…my two main sites were 0 for a year. Then they slowly started moving up (now 4). Consistent relevant content works slowly but it works.

PR 0 still have a value… site without PR usually shows “unranked”… so its you can expect something higher next update if you continue gathering some links…

The published PR for a site always lags quite some way behind the PR value that Google themselves are using, so Google might well have increased your PR in their internal workings but not updated the published value yet.

PR0 does not mean blacklisted. It means they haven’t (yet) found many links passing good googlejuice - that is common for new websites, and it can take several months before you’ll see that value change.

The first thing to do is to stop worrying about PR. Seriously. Focus on building a good website that people will want to use, and encouraging people to put links to it from relevant sites. PR is a pretty irrelevant number - it doesn’t mean anything or tell you anything useful. What matters is how your site performs in search results, and at the moment it’s looking pretty good considering it’s a new site. If I search for “mad panda”, it’s about fourth on the list, only behind other sites that are also called Mad Panda. If I search for “mad panda martial arts”, it’s top of the list.


Having PR0 only means you need to build more links with PR, with that it will help your site gain PR in the next Google update. Its not blacklisted, its just a new website that needs to gain more quality backlinks.

Everything that needs to be said has been said


yeah, stop worrying about PR…continues to build quality link and in time you’ll see that your site is improving not just PR improvement as well as traffic and rankings…

Same with me my site is still 0 PR

Thank you for your encouragement and reassurance; I will take your advice and keep trying to increase backlinks and stop worrying about my pr :slight_smile: Thank you

Ok this is a huge relief to hear. Thank you very much