Why still my page rank "zero"?

Hello. I am running my blog since last June, and now my average traffic are 400-450, but still there showing my Google page rank is zero. Please tell me what;s my wrong and how can get page rank as soon as possible?

Pagerank is a way to tell how many sites with higher pagerank link to your site, not necessarily a reflection of how many visitors you are getting. So get more sites with as high a PR as possible to link to yours and your PR will increase. :slight_smile:

Page rank is determined by Google if you have constant massive traffic and enough heavy and relevant backlinks. You can have this if you have more than that traffic you have everyday.

The truth is that PR is not that important, what’s important is that your site has traffic that are interested in your offers.

Of course you should have the best contents on your site in order for them to click on your advertisements.

Page Ranks are only updated every few months too…so if you have done some recent work building links/content it may take a while to reflect in your site’s PR.

matt cutts today in his video said something like “although PR is updated on daily basis, it is only pushed every 3 or 4 months”

Focus less on PR and more on links. Download and install SEOBook toolbar and measure your Yahoo backlinks as well as other SEO statistic and based on that you can see your progress

There are enough answers already. Still, I would like to point again that keyword ranking is more important that PageRank. Also the reason for showing PR 0 would be bad neighborhood

Wouldn’t keyword ranking depend a little bit on pagerank for google?

Don’t think about page rank. you are getting good traffic. For page rank submit your blog in quality blogs directories. Do quality backlinks you can easily get good page rank.

Good Luck.

Do not just focus more on PR just build more and more on links. Target more keywords to rank well on SERPs to get more traffic. For me traffic is more significant than to ge high PR.

More quality backlinks and expect high Page rank.

Your page rank will improve when there is an update. Just keep focusing on getting traffic, profitability, and links.

Don’t worry so much about page rank, it will come. just build your backlinks and get your traffic coming in and then just wait for your rank to jump

You are right of course, but be sure that you already gained quality links before the update.

This is what complete answer and i do agree with this. Page rank is not way to gain visitors to your site but its a measurement to know the importance of the web page. So just gain more and more sites with high PR to give link to your site, and that can increase your PR.

page rank is calculated by the quality of the website and the links that they are linked to.

there is no relation of traffic with google page rank if you want good page rank for your blog you have to follow google rules for PR if it’s satisfied definitely give you rank

if the traffic exist it is ok, no worries.
do you sell links?

Sorry but this is completely false. Page Rank is only about back links. You can get a PageRank even with 1 visitor a day or less. Traffic is not related to Page Rank.

You are right. SIte’s traffic do not have any relation in gaining Page rank in Google. :cool:

Just because page rank is zero does not mean you page is not on top of google.
I have two blogs whose page rank is zero but its still on first page of googe search.
PR is a long process and may take time depending on Google./
you should keep working on your backlink.