Page Rank Dropped

Hello Friends,

One of my client website has PR 2, but today morning I checked and it was 0 :joy:. Can you please tell me the reason why it was went to 0 and what I wann to do for back to PR 2 :blush:.

Where in Google was it reported to be PR0 ?

I’m not all that familiar with Webmaster Tools, but I’ve never seen PR there.

I am using search status tool. In that only I found

Just now I read one article, in that they said 1 month before Google was stopped PR rating.

That won’t be of any use.
AFAIK Google stopped reporting PR for the various toolbars years ago.

If you didn’t see it at Google it means nothing.

On one of my sites GWT → Google Index → Index Status reports


Using both Google Chrome and Firefox browsers with the following text:

both browsers report:

About 6,140 results

Is that what you are referring to?

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Hi @Aravindseo1 there is no such thing as a PR2 website. PR is/was calculated per PAGE so even if the home page had PR2, other pages may be PR0 or even unranked.

Am talking abt my home page PR only

Google stopped issuing regular public updates to PR years ago, so any information you find is highly unlikely to be reliable. See this post from Google, made in October 2009:!category-topic/webmasters/webmaster-tools/29GtmYDt8L0


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