Why is Fatcow slow?

Hi Guys,

I just signed up with fatcow.com about a week ago, and I’ve noticed my site loads pretty slow, has anyone else experienced this issue?

I have wordpress installed, with no content or theme yet… but it still loads pretty slow =/

What host would you guys recommend?

Here is my url

Is it slow for you guys?

lol… I was searching google for “fatcow sites slow” and got this page. I have the same issue. My site also loading very slow. Fatcow servers have some problem going. In my fatcow controlpanel there is a message confirming slowness from them.

I have no problem because I paid 00.00$ for my current fatcow account. It was a giveaway from my friend. I just have one site there and it loaded very slow yesterday, now slowing little more faster, but nothing like hostgator.

Lets see.

Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know that, must try on my wordpress blogs.

This page has a list of css compression tools. I believe they are all free to use.

It took ~3 sec to load web site on my side.
2 reasons are possible:

  1. Poor connection from Internet Service Provider
  2. Temporary issue
    If now everything works - relax and be patient

8 secs now. See that you have put the default template for testing.

May I know how to compress the css? Using what software?


I checked your link with yslow (a Mozilla extension) and it had a grade “B”.

This page has 5 external stylesheets. Try combining them into one.
This page has 17 external background images. Try combining them with CSS sprites.

It also suggested that you compress your css files. However, that isn’t something I like to do as it makes the css almost uneditable.

Slow on my end as well. About 25 seconds.

It now took 8.47 seconds to load the site. Not so good anymore. This sort of fluctuations are never a good sign.

Relatively slow, perhaps bad coding or addons of your blog or overloaded servers.

It took around 20 sec for me also.

Maybe you like to test the default without plugins. If it is not slow then it might be one or more of plugins causing the slowness.

About 30 seconds and it didn’t load the CSS :eek:
Had to reload the page before it was shown normally (i.e, with CSS)

It took about 20 secs to load. Looks fine to me.

It si very fast here in Canada. Do you have only this web site loaded slow on your end or others as well? I’m asking because I suspect you may have some problems with your ISP.

It loaded fast for me.
Reboot your modem/router if you haven’t for a while, always helps.

WP Super Cache is also a must, just getting that out there.

The site loaded fast for me. (2-3 seconds)

It took about 20 secs to load. Looks fine to me.

20 seconds is terrible unless you’re on a very slow connection.

That being said, my own experience with Fatcow suggests that slowness is the regular status there.

WP Super Cache is also a must, just getting that out there.

Good advice LocalNode.