Why is this site so slow?

Can anyone help why is this site so slow?! Financial Consulting & Strategies | Cherrywood Financial I tried using Pingdom tools to determine what is taking forever to load, but it says the URL doesn’t exist?

Does it have to do with the host? or GoDaddy?

There’s almost nothing on the site, no images besides the logo, nothing but text.

It’s even VERY slow when working in the Admin area. I have only 7 plugins installed and 6 of them are active. Even trying to access FTP via FileZilla it times out ever other folder I try to open. Ideas?


This website appears to load fine for me. Although I do see where pingdom is reporting a slow load time.

Could this perhaps be a routing issue? Perhaps the route that your Internet connection is taking, and the route that pingdom is taking, is congested.

I didn’t have any trouble with it. It does get a 74/100 on google pagespeed. Page Speed Online Try going to that and follow the steps that it shows to improve your page speed

Ok must have been something wrong with the host earlier today and I freaked. Thanks for the help.


For as simple of a site as that is, it does load pretty slowly. Go Daddy is known as an overseller. They put a lot of accounts on their servers, more than they can handle without a deterioration in performance. You posted this in the Wordpress forum. Wordpress is going to run VERY slowly on an overseller. Wordpress is great, but it is an extremely bloated and very poorly coded script. There are over 70 file includes with each page view and that is going to take time, and take a long time on a server that is over capacity.

So what are you suggesting? I get away from GoDaddy? Because I don’t have plans to stop using Wordpress.

I have never liked GoDaddy, my personal site is on JustHost and is way more complicated that this site we’re discussing here.

I have also heard that about GoDaddy’s hosting. That they vastly oversell their servers. Their main market isn’t for hosting, so they aren’t all that inclined to keep their hosting customers happy. Their market is domain registration.

Still, I’m not really having any issues with it loading. But if you continue to experience problems, moving it to a different host, might speed things up for you. If you already have an account with Justhost and are comfortable with them, I would suggest moving the hosting to them.

Hi. I like Wordpress a lot, too. But you have to be on a speedy server otherwise you are going to have some serious performance issues. I use Wordpress on my hosting account and it loads just fine being as bloated and inefficient as it is. But that is because the web host I am on is good. I used to be on Go Daddy, too. I had to leave because it was so slow. During peak times (in the afternoon to early evening), forum page loads were taking 20 - 30 seconds per page view. I was using SMF forum at the time and it printed out the page generation time at the bottom. It was taking over 20 seconds just to generate the page plus a few seconds to deliver the content. So I left Go Daddy years ago and am very happy where I am now.

I complained on the Wordpress board about how bloated the thing is. There was another person who echoed my complaint. You can read the thread here:

WordPress › Support » 77 Files Included Per Page View! Insane!

Go Daddy may be fine for hosting simple static web pages. But if you are going to be running a site that generates content on the fly as Wordpress does, you have no choice but to find a better host.

If you want to know which web host I use, send me a private message. It does not cost very much and is worth more than the $5 a month I pay for it. I recommend them highly! A cheaper plan is available for $25 a year. My host uses cPanel and allows more features than Go Daddy does. The bottom line is that you often get what you pay for. Oversellers such as Go Daddy lure people in with promises of “unlimited” resources which they could never possibly deliver. Then they stuff as many accounts on the server as possible which inevitably leads to poor performance as you are experiencing.

Being on a good web host is wonderful. It is far less headaches and you can actually do stuff that you could never do on Go Daddy. And pages actually load quickly!

My site is slow too. Its because of my modification in theme

Compressing and optimizing images is a big deal now. Even google will choose your image if it is optimized over other ones. I did optimization on about 12 images that were loading on one page and it cut load time down about 40%. Most new photo editors ie: Photoshop have built-in optimization options for saving images. Also try .PNG over JPG sometimes. Give it a try and look at your page speed score get better.

Your site is working fine. It doesn’t take much time to load. You can also check the load time. There are many sites available where you can check the load time of your website.

It’s a wonderful website but it does takes some time to be loaded especially on a very slow internet connection.

My best guess is your hosting server response. It also happened to me when I avail some cheap web hosting package from not so popular hosting company. The loading is such a drag although I only have few scripts and content installed to my website.

Works Fast now.

It is very slow from here. I think it is related to the server.

It appears that your site has a large number of CSS and Javascript (which are not minified). The page size is aproximately 600kB. Also the server is bit slow in responding.

Solution: Use something like head.js to efficiently load JS files. Use minified versions for jQuery and other scripts. See if you can ask your host why the site is responding slow.