My word press site loads very slow on firefox

Hello sir this is my web site it loads fast in chrome,opera,safari ect… but its takes somuch of time to load on fire fox can you please assist regarding this i am php developer i tried so many ways but help less. please solve my pblm thank you.

Turned the FF FireBug plugins off and then upgrade the WordPress to its latest version and see if it works.

It is very slow. I would start with image optimisation, but there may be more to it. At 2.8MB it’s big but I’ve seen bigger and it seems slow for that size.

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One thing to remember is that FireFox is slower than any of the other current browsers for doing almost anything and each extension has a far greater impact on slowing it further than an equivalent extension would in any of the other browsers.

You can never get FireFox to load pages as quickly as any other modern browser.

See the “waterfall” at - the file is for some reason generating a load of 36 megabytes, plus many images are delayed as a result.

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It’s showing default.css as 36.1MB which is also giving a 404 error.

Looks like that file is part of a pagination plugin and cannot be found, that’s what’s causing the delay.
It’s linked on line 66, go in and remove/comment it out, or locate the file and amend the path if it’s needed.

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Thanks sam its worked fine i just disabled pagination plugin, thanks guys great support.

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