Why is my site sooo slow.... Please help

I wonder if somebody can help me please. My website is really slow, at first I thought it was just me but other people have said the same thing so I know it’s a real problem. I’m using a super fast WP theme (X Theme, that is known for it’s speed of loading) and only have a few plugins (two caching plugins, AddThis, Google Analytics, Disqus and a related posts one) but it can take unto 20 seconds to load. Sometimes it can load within a second so I know there’s a problem somewhere.

I’ve spoken to the hosting company and they say it works for them and they can’t offer scripting help so I don’t know what to do. I’ve compressed the images as much as possible and have cached everything I can. I’ve tested the site with Google (PageSpeed Insights), Pingdom and GTmetrix with generally good but varying results.

Please can somebody help me with this as I’m loosing visitors by the day. The site can bee seen at <removed>.

I don’t see that your site is particularly slow. Try running the test in gtmetrix.com and implement the suggested changes.

Have run that and sometimes it’s good but other times it’s really slow, like 12 seconds to load slow

But you haven’t followed up on the suggestions.

I changed as much as I could, the only things I could see with problems were a few external files that I can’t set the caching for.

Everything is good.
You are using a very good plugin - WP Rocket. But I think you did not configure the plugin. Just check it now.

Sometimes choosing the theme and web hosting is also very important.
If you need any assistance, just ping here.

Try changing all http:// URL’s to https://

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Thanks, I thought I had configured it properly but will check again

They already are to https://

You should try clearing your chache memory, because it can contain many information that uis unwanted and space consuming!

Except for eight occurrences.

Here’s the first:

alt=" " 

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ah okay I didn’t see that, I’m not sure I can change that as it’s done via the theme

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Wordpress is bloatware. How much code do you really need for a CMS?

Your site loads pretty fast on my end. You should get rid of unused CSS and JS for better speed performance.

Do you know if there is any unused CSS and JS? Do you know how much and what difference it will actually make? Or are you just guessing?