Which SEO activites do you think its just waste of time after panda update?

Months after panda update last night i was thinking list down the activities which according to my knowledge are just wastage of time.

  • Directory submission(they are just wastage of time if you submit your links in 1000 directories only 100 will approve and of that 100 only 4 or 5 will give a do follow link)
  • Article Submission(I feel that its better that you should use that content in web2.0 websites with adding pictures and other modules in web2.0 its makes an article more attracive)
  • Excessively working on forums.

Actually, article directories still give me a substantial points for my SERPs. Since there’s no other easy way to make a good amount of anchored text links for your website, I focus on posting original article to some high ranking article directories and promote the article post to boost more it’s benefits to my webpages.

I never thought in the way you have said.Its true.From now,I’ll work on other factors.Can you let me know what other factors are helpful to get quality backlinks.

if 2-3 users discussed it, maybe it might be manipulated…

but how if hundreds of people shared or retweeted it?? it must has “something” useful to people :slight_smile:

To my understanding any activity that really gives value to users are logical to work on. I guess online branding is the best approach to get success rather than hard core SEO back link generation aspect. Correct me if I am wrong.

I think what mattschmoldt meant is if the site is discussed a lot in social media like facebook or twitter (some said social media buzz), like sharing, liked, or retweeted a lot of times google will consider it important and useful for the user, and it could affect its position in the SERP

Given that this is to manipulate, do you really think its going to make any difference?

As “SEO” stands for “search engine optimization”, how is social media actually going to help a site in a search engine? Its does wonders for generating traffic.

Given its so easy to manipulate, how do you actually thing the search engines can use it?

Echoing what most are saying in this thread, Google is moving and will continue moving towards high quality over quantity. They will get better and better at detecting manipulation and low quality tactics (blog spam, forum profile spam etc.) I believe social media will play a huge role in SEO in the future.

Couldn’t agree more, its all about user focused and well written content.

Care to explain why a link from a forum is “quality” - they are crap links:

  • most are nofollowed
  • the PR of the pages that threads are on are almost always 0
  • there are probably over 100 links on this page already (and most forum thread pages), so any link juice has to be divided by over 100
  • do you really think that the search engines really give any benefit to a link that is so easy to obtain?
  • etc etc

Why do you think they are quality?

Well.I don’t know that after update of panda working on forums is just wastage of time.Still I’m working on forums now also where I’m able to get quality backlinks

What did any of those have to do with the Panda update. They are all a waste of time anyway, but that has nothing to do with Panda!

One of the biggest wastes of time I’ve seen is referring to anything as “web 2.0” :eek: It’s a completely meaningless buzzword that is most often used by the clueless to refer to fancy graphics. Adding pictures to articles has been possible for years and years and years, there’s nothing remotely modern or clever or “web 2.0” about it. Besides, what you’ve said there isn’t in any way opposite to article submission.

I agree that directory submission, article submission and forum spam are wastes of time. Add ‘link farms’ in whatever shape and form they currently are (whether that’s circles, prisms, 3-way or whatever else is fad of the fortnight).

Posting on forums isn’t a waste of time, but doing it for reasons of SEO is. Posting on forums is a great way to share your knowledge, to learn from other people, to network, to build an online community, to share thoughts and laughs, have fun, whatever. And as long as that’s why you’re posting on forums, that’s fab. But if the main reason you’re foruming is so that you can drop links back to your website all over the forum, that’s (a) spamming, which is very much frowned on, and (b) pointless, because you’ll got no more than a nano-atom of googlejuice from forum links.

Well … yes … but that was true before Panda as well. Doing anything to a low quality is a waste of time. If you’re going to do something, try to do it well!

I think all the submissions work which has been done in low sites called waste of time in SEO. :slight_smile:

I think when you use silly, low quality content for any kind of submission or activity then it is wastage of time.

How does extensively posting on forums a waste of time. Pls explain. Thanks.

yeah you’re right but not EVERYONE will do that, arent they? :slight_smile:

How would Google determine between a good legit site that got a 1000 retweets naturally and a crap site that paid for a 1000 retweets?

For $10 I can get a 1000 people to retweet something. Who care if its useful or not? Don’t you think Google knows how widespread that abuse is?