Link Directory Submission is wasting time

Just my 2 cents, I believe link directory submission is the most time consuming link building process…

You submit your site to 100 directories, after 6 months only 25 to 3o will get approved…

Better to focus on article marketing …

If you have money then do blog reviews…

Just my 2 cents, I believe article marketing is the most time consuming link building process…

You submit your article to 100 directories, after 6 months only 25 to 3o will get indexed by search engines.

Better to focus on getting the links that actually make a difference…

Better to spend the time writing content on your own site, and networking with real people. That way the content gets indexed, all its search traffic goes to you and not some article directory, and those real people you network with might like your content and give you a real link from their sites.

To get most of the directory submission approve, you need to do it on high PR directories. That will never reject your site, if your site will be quality one.

Something is better than nothing when it comes free. Actually Google does like to buy link from link firms, so please be aware when you spend money in buying links.

Directory submission can also help if they approved your link. Especially if the directory have a high PR. I’m currently doing 10-20 directory submission a day. And it also counts as my backlinks.

I’ve been doing some article submissions and directory submissions lately. My thinking is that it’s a good way to get links and maybe traffic.

The articles I submit are ones I write for my own blog, so the other articles websites get my articles after they’ve been published on my blog.

I’m not sure of the effectiveness of this in terms of link building or traffic, but I’d rather try it than not try it.

There are very very few high PR directories out there.

Submitting your site to directories takes time, and time has a monetary value therefore it even if you don’t pay for your directory submissions directly, they still have a cost.

Everything is a waste of time if you dont do them properly.

Obviously its is time consuming process but you can not ignore it but to selective. Go for only top high PR directories rather than submitting to all and all thousands of directories but. Also not just limit to it use all white hat seo techniques to get links article marketing, bookmarking, rss etc.

…and even fewer that would send you any decent traffic, which is what directories are for :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s the most time consuming, but it’s certainly near the top of
that list and also the Useless list.

Article directories/marketing is much more effective. There ARE people that
actually search article directories for information and that might sound silly,
but it’s a much better search resource that searching blogs, (just an example), imo.

There are many people that have that “gift of gab” and enjoy putting that
into easily readable text. These people do well with this method.

Common sense would say put these great informative articles on your own
site for maximum benefit, (that’s one option), but common sense does not
always win the candle. The web is so big and so cluttered, that one needs
to be uncommon, and think out of the box in order to maximize efforts.

Content syndication offers massive distribution of your expertise.

While I’m on a rant, don’t forget video blogging and podcasting as promotion


I do a fair amount of directory submission. It is beneficial! Building credibility and PR is a hard job and not for the week of heart. I like do follow blogs as well. I’ve built some really good relationships this way. Anyway you can build credibility for your site is worth while if you have the time. Overtime, you begin to understand directories that are worth submitting to and which are not.

ya, if you’re looking for the get rich quick, quick traffic generator, just do AdWords and budget for $2500 a month or so. If you’re on a shoestring budget though, you will need to be patient and have a mix of free traffic building opportunities in your agenda. Article marketing, directory listing, seo, press releases, and about 100 other possibilities will contribute to getting the traffic you are looking for.

Bump on that, Dan!

Social connections are what makes difference: in business world as well as webmastery. If you have good content(product) and good connections, those golden links will come naturally. Concentrate on quality.

I still do a little bit of directory submission on my free time, well, submitting to them is free anyways… it doesn’t give that much of traffic or backlink but it gives a few… well anyways, when I’m not busy or when I’m not thinking about it, I don’t do it…

Article marketing and some quality backlinks from bookmarking sites and social news aites can boost up your rankings.

however directory submission takes time but gives you valuable link but you need to selective in directory submission and go for only high quality Dirs to submissiona rater than going to thousands of directories and this way you can save your time,

However article submission is good but you can not avoid dir submission.

I wouldn’t consider it a waste of time, but I don’t feel its the most efficient way of gaining backlinks. Although they some are high quality i personally like submitting articles.