Which SEO activites do you think its just waste of time after panda update?

Because the benefit you get from them is minuscule, particularly from directories. A directory that has a hundred links on an inner page is dividing a PR of about 0.000001 between those hundred sites, you’re going to get less than a single atom of googlejuice out of it. There’s always something more effective you could be doing, whether that’s requesting links from genuine real websites, improving your content, learning stuff, heck even going out and washing car windscreens at traffic lights will bring in more bucks than submitting your site to spam-fest directory sites.

Any bought links must be marked as rel="nofollow". Any site that deals in links traded for money and doesn’t nofollow them is likely to be blacklisted by Google, and will drop out of sight very quickly. If that’s the way you want to run your business, go right ahead :rolleyes:

Understand - but the companies are still on page 1 - so it must be the way forward?

Massively spinning is a waste of time now. Google now sees an abnormal change in inbound link appearance on the web and marks it.

Just been doing some research on UK website designers.

Many have bought links on blogs and the like for around $600 per month - why is this accepted by SE instead of natural linking?

Best of the Web is one of the better directories. That said, the link power isn’t very high because it’s still just a directory, and nothing compared to what a relevant site would give you.

To spend anything on a directory is an utter waste of money, since it will give you very little in return.

Poor folks. I feel bad for you but I’m not gonna get into another forum argument. I’ll just let the misinformation flow :slight_smile:

OK - there are thousands out there, so I would agree in part when considering some of the smaller ones that charge $5 for a lifetime link.

How about sites like BOTW and other sites that charge upwards of £100 a year?

How? Because SE bots disregard the vast majority of those sites!

I am well confused on this (bearing in mind the direction is off topic) and what has been said.

@ CBP - How do tweets help SEO (it search engines reading them and moving you site up the ranks)?
@ Stevie D - How are directories and article sites a waste of time for SEO?

Finally someone agreed on my point. In my opinion if your content is that good than its better that instead of submitting into multiple place make a supportive blog and post on that this will give you solid support your main website

Do you have any proof to back this claim up?

To my knowledge and experience, article directories are dying out. The first panda update killed a number of them, and the only thing propping them up now is outdated SEOers who still peddle their spam to them.

I believe that everyone had there own marketing plan for promoting there website and they have there own favorite medium they relies and feel comfortable working on… for me what i followed, i shared it here just by doing this i ranked my keywords on the first page on Google. I agree on that you should not omit any activity as long as your content is fresh and not spammy.

To my understanding any activity that really gives value to users are logical to work on.
I believe that everyone had there own marketing plan for promoting there website and they have there own favorite medium they relies and feel comfortable working on.