Which is the best link building?

hello friends,
Actually i want to know which types of link building is too much useful.

Thanks in advance

I prefer A>B,C>D link trades

I would prefer Forum submission, Social Book Marking, Three way link exchange and blog commenting.These techniques are very useful.

i refer forum discussion and community participation, social bookmarking,directories submission blog commenting and article submission

These might actually produce back-links, but the back-links that they produce are of so little value you might as well not even bothered.

Only people who have no idea about what they are doing engage in this type of link-building and propagate the myth that it is valuable. Sadly this forum is littered with hundreds of suggestions by new members (recently joined with <10 posts) making random and worthless comments adding their recommendations that you spam forums and blogs and directories…

Quality not Quantity people…


In my opinion, we should follow 1-way link i.e. a -> b. It is the best way to build your link for good results and better rank. I must say that this is the best method in terms of Google crawler. 2-way link is not appropriate because in that we should have to give others site link in our site as well.

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Hear Hear! In my experience taking some time to create worthwhile content that is actually useful and informative to readers results in natural inbound links. You can’t really beat a link created on merit alone. It takes time to come up with really decent content though… but if you take the time and put it in the right place the links will come.


RSS feed submission is also works

The worse ways to build backlinks that actually make a difference are:
Social bookmarking
Blog commenting
Article submission
Forum profiles and participation
Directory submission
RSS Submission

However, I am happy for my competitors to follow the advice of those above who think they are the best ways. I will keep spending my times on the types of links that actually make a difference and get the editorially earned links that keeps my sites ahead of them.

Well I personally think that all type of link building is useful if we are using high quality sites for promotion. If we are using low quality sites then nothing will be worthy.

Link building using white hat SEO techniques…

There are two types of people answering this thread.

  1. Those that don’t have the first idea about what sort of links work and therefor recomend ways to get links that are of absoulte no SEO value. i.e Forum links, blog commenting etc etc etc

  2. Those that recognise that these links are worthless but fail to give any real alternative.

All in all not very useful!

In order to gain links you need to produce best of web, truley unique content. You then need to market that content to get it onfront of other site owners that “might” want to link to it.

When I refer to best of web content I mean just that. Paying $10 for an article simply won’t cut it. You do this by gaining an indepth understanding of your market and customers.

When I refer to unique, I mean information that can’t be found on the web. Not content that has been re written.

Is that really helpful?

At first it can’t hurt to use any and all link building available, as long as you have high quality info on your site. Then your info will hopefully do the work for you and you won’t have to use such generally useless techniques. But they are useful to get you started, as you have to start somewhere.

which one are you? :smiley:


I guess by my own admission I must have to fall into one of those two!

I will add a third.

  1. Those that try to cut through the cr** and get to what actually matters!

well, for one thing, your answer to the topic of this thread – “Which is the best link building ?” – was a pretty generic “you need to produce best of web, truley unique content” (oh, if i had a nickle for every time someone has said that in this forum), followed by “You then need to market that content”

this is the best link building?

I am not going to write a step by step guide for the guy. My post is the only one to point someone in the right direction. If people can’t be bothered to take that advice and exapand on it with some research and learning I am not going to do it for them.

What exactly have you added to this thread?

sanity, with a slight admixture of comic relief

what’s ur suggestion to spam-bot-human ? i also think quality’s important.