Best linking method

Whats your best method for getting links?

For my site I have been using blogs.

What do you do?

I use this strategy
Create a Blog, Publish great content, Promote via Social Media and get ton of links.

Blogs are ok, but I’m not settling for that only. It’s best to use most of the strategies once in awhile.

I think writing lots of content is a great way, and interviewing authority figures relevant to your site. For example, my site is about creative writing. So I decided to interview some successful authors like Piers Anthony, Larry Bond etc. Not only did the interview provide me with unique content, but they are so pleased about the interview, they link back to my site (providing links that are relevant, that I might not have gotten). So I think that’s probably the best way for me to build links.

I use directories, and article submissions as well, but this takes time, and might not give you a strong link back.

personally i find that you need a varied strategy including; do follow blogging and forum posting, link exchanges, article submission and social bookmarking and or twitter


The best method for getting links.

Regularly use some methods.

Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Classified Adds
Article Submission
Blog Commenting

Really? They are the worse kinds of links. They are crap low quality links. I would be happy for my competitors to follow your advice. Then I can spend my time getting the good links that really make a difference.

Article submission is the best way for link building, Second one is Blog commenting and forum posting!!

DMOZ is always great, but no certainty of entry for ages.
Yahoo and BOTW are ok as well. but there are a few other directories out there that are free but they have low PR. A good press release does wonders though. and send articles to relevant bloggers.

Really? I wish my competitors would take your advice and spend more time on these sorts of crap low quality links. Personally, I prefer to spend my time getting links that actually make a difference.

Many will say link exchange, though I haven’t done much of that myself. I would say a good way is to write articles relevant to your subject and get them distributed. Of course you can post in blogs and the like as well but articles can be more relevant most of the time.

The best way is to write quality content that people will want to link to.

Link baiting! The Best :smiley:

Link exchange, yes one way link exchange…
The best method for getting links.
And link signature for get back link to your site.

Make a useful tool and give it away free.

I totally agree, it takes time but is well worth it, you can also use viral advertising techniques to create link bait… :slight_smile:

For me blogging and forum posting…

So many ways to build links. I think the best and still will be is link baiting!:rolleyes:

I’ve tried a lot of method, but finally found out that signature link is one of the best.

^signatures doesn’t work that well for me with backlinks anymore as I like to think but its a good way to advertise, since there are lots of other members with links in their signatures as well, the distribution of link juice would be high, and since most pages from forums don’t acquire PR, how much more will you still get?