Which is the best Link Building Method

According to you which is the best Link Building Method and Why ?

  1. Article Submission
  2. Blog Submission
  3. Directory Submission
  4. Forum Posting
  5. Link Exchange
  6. Social Bookmarking
  7. Template/Theme Links

Best building practices use all of the elements. Links from only one source can make you a “black hat” in Google’s eyes and thus penalize your website.

My advice is use of all the above techniques with a little “cum grano salis”. Yet best results are brought by good linkbaits, where half of the linking work is done by others.

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Blogging is an effective tool for marketing your online business. Be sure to take full advantage of the impact your blog or CMS (Content Management System) can have on your customer count by ensuring your words count. Develop a following, write interesting and fresh content and optimize your blog. If needed, use an internet marketing company with a good staff of copywriters to provide WordPress SEO services for you.

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Social bookmarking and Blog submission is the best way of link building methods. Because they get quality back link and also increase visitors.

I prefer Social Bookmarking, it can easily indexed my site and it also brings more visitors to my site especially when you submit it on Digg, SU, Delicious, Propeller and reddit.

But they are crap low level ways to build links. Care to explain that when you go to any of the major SEO conferences and in the presentations on link building by the real experts in links building, that these methods these days never even rank a mention as a method to build links?

Hi cbp,

As you quoted above in this thread that none of the above method is useful for link building and I replied you that “Link Building” from the provided list is very useful that’s it.

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According to me Link exchange and Social bookmarking is the best method of
link building…


Hi cbp,

Although according to you SEO kiddies use those link building strategies, and search engine ranking is no more dependent upon linking factor but link exchange or one way link from high PR website’s help you gain some decent page rank. So still I would recommend the Link Building as useful element.

As far as the positioning is concerned Google & many more SE’s now a days prefer rich, useful & relevant contents for the same.

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I have no idea what you are talking about. It looks as thought you are quoting me as saying something I did not say. I have several staff full time on doing nothing but link bulding for my sites. We just do not waste our time on the low level, poor quality link building methods such as article submission; blog commenting; forum posting; directory submission …

What a load of nonsense! Not even close to being true.

Can you please explain what is “quailty” about them? All blog comments are on PR0 pages will a zillion other links on the same page to share what little linkjuice there is and most social bookmarks are not indexed or nofollow’d - how they they actually be “quality links”?

In the context of the rest of the discussion in this thread, care to explain why the methods you mentioned are important? As dicussed above they are very poor quality way to get links,…why do you think they are important?

Search Engines give Importance to websites that have more entering links and accordingly rank those sites higher in their search results. So link building techniques are importance to promote their website, most important link building methods are Forum posting with good LSI, Do follow Social bookmarking, Article Submission, Press Release and Business directories.

I know that. I was just checking to see if the poster above knows what PR actually is. A lot of seo kiddies think content is part of the actual PR formula.

What has content got to do with PR?

If you have great content that people want to link back to and they do then your PR will increase for the pages that people are linking back to.

But you know that already :slight_smile:

Quality of the content is key factor in improving your PR. Social bookmarking, Article submission, back links from authority sites such as Squidoo, hubpages are also helpful.

According to me best Link Building Method is
Article Submission
Forum Posting
Blog Submission
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Link Exchange

Article contains content link and this link are more beneficial and blog plays the same role but article links are much value than any other link building method

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