Backlink Building Methods

Just wondering, apart from the usual backlink building methods of:

Social Media / Bookmarking backlinks
Forum Posting
Link Exchange
Web Directories
Article Submission Directories

Does anyone have any other quality backlink building methods?

The two websites i’ve found to be very effective is:


Both are from a quality company called Social Spark.

I’ve worked with them alot, you can get really natural links with them.

Read through their site to see how it works, it does require you to invest money, but it’s a good place to invest money in.

blog commenting, you can find a list of dofollow blogs from followlist.
you can also post comments on hubpages. Some hubs are dofollow, look out for those with hub score of 75 or more.

Bookmarking and articles submission are great! But for really quick backlinks I would place ads at

link sponsored, templates sponsored. etc…

you can create a blog on blogger and make a link back to your main site. It’s a one way backlink.

I used blog commenting to build backlinks. Try it. :slight_smile:

Profile links from High PR sites. Although these have been getting spammed lately.

Directories seem to be worthless unless you are a local business.

Blog commenting is always good.

Web 2.0 sites like blogger, wordpress, etc. You can use them to create linkwheels but cover your internet footprint.

Article directories still work ok.

Social bookmarking on dofollow sites can help a lot if people are consistently bookmarking you.

Forum links.

I would stay away from reciprocal links. Google doesn’t seem to like them.

Other than that there isn’t a whole lot that hasn’t been mentioned.

my tip would be: write a neutral press release and have it send to all types of media: newspapers, blogs, etc…you can get backlinks that are so much more valuable than in a directory

but no success garanteed…

Backlink Building Methods is effective ways to increase traffic for your’e websites …
Backlink Building Methods must get support from SEO ( on page and off page optimization)…
on page optimization : choice and improve keyword in URL, Title, Content, Keyword tags …
off page optimization : social bookmarking, social networking, forum submission, article submission, press release, internet marketing, blog commenting…


You can create backlinks by the hardworking way of writing letters to a few sites for a link exchange, or another method which could create a lot of links for you quickly, would be to create a small widget that visitors could share across their blogs etc.

The widget could be anything as simple as a “Find out what celebrity you most resemble” and then the results that they would share would be “I most resemble Jimi Hendrix. What celebrity are you? Find out at”.

Use your imagination on what widgets you can create that users can share.

Please give me directory of do follow ???
Thanks for shared links og do follow blog …

blog comments are gud way for backlinks

How do you get a backlink at Kijiji? does it render HTML? when I clicked to preview my submission it simply displayed the text of my link HTML.

blog commenting…nice choice to create backlinks

Remember to search only for do follow blogs. There is a plug in for firefox that highlights all the links that are nofollow. This is very useful to find do follow blogs. Use only high PR ones for good link juice.

Recommend press release and video marketing.

you can do blog comments on high PR blog which is more effective to create quality back links.

Why is that? Why would Google care if your website is for a local business or not?

article submission, forum sig, one way link from other or your own other websites… every link made counts anyway :smiley: