Which is the best link building?


i prefer social bookmarking, blog commenting, Forum posting,Article and classified submission these method useful to.

In my opinion.Two way linking is the best as well as quality link building.The page where we are submitting your site must be cached.Caching is not more older than two months.And if you already submitted the home page in one directory then don,t submit its internal page in the same directory.IP address should be different for the every directory.In this way you can do quality link building.

I often hear experienced SEO’s say that blog commenting is useless, or nearly useless, but I’m wondering why. Say you find a PR3 dofollow blog with an average of 5 comments per post that allows keywords in the anchor text. Doesn’t that give you a pretty sweet backlink just by the numbers?

Obviously, natural links are the best links - but realistically, there are some sites that just won’t ever get an appreciable number of organic links no matter what they do. I’m thinking of commercial sites here, sites which market something fairly unremarkable about which there’s little to blog for link bait.

Disclaimer: I hate spam as much as anybody, and when I say “blog commenting” I am talking about <i>contributing to the conversation</i>, not insulting the blog owner with “great post dude - discount Bahamas vacations”

How long does the page stay a PR3? It will soon be buried under lots of other posts in the archives and the page resigned to the supplemental index (due to lack of PR).

Links from pages that are in the supplemental index do not pass juice. Simples :slight_smile:

Others will also argue that the architecture of the page allows google to determine it’s a free for all blog comment and not a true editorial link and therefor it’s discounted*

*Personally I don’t buy into this 100% as the supplemental results do more than a good enough job at solving the problem.

Nope. The post will generally be on a PR0 page, even though the home page might be PR3 … PR is per page. not per site.

Right, but isn’t it reasonable to assume that, if the homepage has a high PR, some of the link juice will get through to blog posts and thence to linked comments?

(At least until they get shoved back into Lewis’s supplementary results)

According to me any link building that has come through article marketing and blog commenting is effective.

Care to explain further why so many experts in this thread disagree with you?


Generally speaking, contextual backlinks from niche relative sources with correct keywords as anchor text would be the best ones.

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PR Submission, Article Submission, Blogging and Social Bookmarking are the main link building process. Directory Submission is also helpful.

Care to explain why so many experts posting in this thread consider all those methods as next to useless?

Best ways for link building are…Directory Submission, Guest posting, Blog commenting and Article Submission.:slight_smile:

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