Which is currently the best forum software to use on wordpress

Which is currently the best forum software to use on wordpress ?

I have only found bbpress to work but its very limited,

Do any of the forum software work with wordpress ?

Just started using bbpress. I can see how you could consider it limited, for example it can’t upload images. That being said it wold probably help if you said what features you want in a forum.

I wouldn’t know how to start, its so limited, I would be happy if i could just get it to work like any proper forum., mybb.

Perhaps it would be best to use separate software for the forum. Nothing prevents you from doing that.

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No nothing, other then the ,members having to register twice, having to manage 2 backed’s.

I thought there would be a at least 1 good forums or bridges that would work by now…

That isn’t true. You could custom code a solution to register and sync users across both platforms. There might already be a solution to do that for more popular forum software.

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That maybe a option.

I think many times people get caught up on using a single system for their entire infrastructure. While that most certainly keeps things simpler it tends to be extremely limited in comparison to spreading the infrastructure out across multiple platforms. Especially for something like a forum where so many great dedicated options exist rather than trying to make WordPress do everything. Also the more and more stuff you tend to add to WordPress the less and less stable it becomes. Keeping WordPress light will result in a much more stable system.

Hate to repeat the obvious but what are you looking for in a forum and what is the problem with bb press?
I have one single login. I used a second plugin “Simple WordPress Membership” for the loging in. Although per @felgall BBpress should have it’s own login page. (I didn’t find it)
In my experience both plugins are pretty user friendly and easy. Have them on this page.
Feel free to try & out and leave a comment. So far have only had two testers do that.

So really. What are you looking for & what is the problem that needs a resolution?

The login page for bbPress is the same as the WordPress login page. If you are logged into one you are logged into the other.

The individuals can have either the same or different roles for each. The default is to give users the same role for both wordpress and bbpress and to determine what a given role can access in each from the settings. The main exception to this is the bbpress keymaster role which normally needs to be given to the same person as has the administrator wordpress role in order to get the two to work together properly.

without taking a look at a forum, I would say the basics of a forum, Notification system, unread replys, quotes, badges, good Moderation tools, even the bbpress site get spammed daily

what forum is sitepoint using, im assuming the main site is wordpress.

would one of these not work, discourse, nodebb, flarum (beta), mybb 2.0

I would be looking at flarum, if it was not still in beta.

A feature rich forum is going to require a dedicated forum software.


I don’t mind a basic forum. if it has most of the basic features needed on most forum. but adding features using plugins will not work, most of the plugins have stopped getting updated,

Sitepoint uses Discourse namely because they are a dedicated ruby house. Unless you plan on moving to ruby or are willing to maintain two completely different technology stacks I highly discourage you from using Discourse. I would recommend a PHP forum since your existing infrastructure and knowledge base can be shared between both the main site and forum. The modern PHP forum that comes to mind is Vanilla. There is also a WordPress integration available. The integration includes single sign on as you desire.

Ive never used vanilla, is it any good ?

I think it’s a good modern php forum otherwise I wouldn’t of recommended it.

Is it similar to bbpres, in terms of setting it up ?

It is similar to setting up a cms like Wordpress.