Forum for Wordpress: what is the best plugin?

Hello everyone, I have been using Wordress for a long time, and I am looking for a plugin to integrate a forum.

I had used BB Press, but I see it’s been out of date for a year, and I’m afraid it may cause some security issues. it was a good plugin though. Do you have any better suggestions?

There are a ton of sites/blogs out there that mention options and talk about the pros and cons of each. One such site is…

Try a few of them out and see if you like them. As you can see from the lists out there, bbPress is still recommended but I share your concern. It is a troubling sign when they go that long without major updates.

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What is best for someone else might be worst for you and what is best for you might be worst for someone else.

Yes, there are several good forum plugins for WordPress that you can use to integrate a forum on your website. One popular option is “Discourse”. It is a modern, open-source platform designed for the next generation of online communities. It offers a variety of features, including user-friendly interface, mobile responsiveness, and the ability to integrate with other platforms.

Another option is “wpForo”. This plugin is easy to use and customizable with plenty of options to personalize the look and feel of your forum. It also has a user reputation system and supports attachments and polls.

Finally, “Muut” is another powerful forum plugin for WordPress. It is a cloud-based solution that provides real-time discussions, notifications, and moderation tools. It also offers an API for integration with other platforms and supports single sign-on (SSO) with WordPress.

Overall, each of these forum plugins offers unique features and benefits, so it is essential to evaluate them and choose the one that fits your needs and preferences the most.

I am removing my reply. I got Discourse confused with Discord.

The best plugin for forum posting is WooCommerce.

But WooCommerce is an Ecommerce plugin. The OP asked about forum plugins.

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