Plugin bb Press

Thinking of using it.
Has anyone here used it? Do you like it? Can you point to a forum that uses this plugin?

This link seems to give examples of forums that have this plugin :slight_smile: .

I haven’t tried it personally though.

Hey check you out! It’s Ryan. Happy new year & thx for the link

Happy New Year :slight_smile: .

I used it for the forum at (the main site is static pages with just the forum and a few posts at the bottom of the home page coming from WordPress/bbpress.

Thx Felgall. Got it running had to also install wp simple membership. Or is there a way to just login w/bb press? Didn’t see one. on the widget for the login it wanted a log in uri
So created that w/simple membership and added the link.

It just sets up additional roles in WordPress - no extra plugin needed - people can just sign up for the forum the same way they sign up to comment on blog posts.

so I’d have to leave the meta widget for people to log in.
I’ll stick w/the wp simple membership for now.

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