Which company is the best for web hosting

which company is the best for web hosting???

That depends…what are your requirements?

and where you want to show you website, like if you want to show at THA in my idea you have to use web hosting company in THA

Unpredictable to quote which is the best. Instead, try reviewing the web hosts who renders the package as you desire. Be sure to read out the reviews before you set your hands in with those hosting providers, it could either be on supporting or in features that accommodates the package.

Based on your requirements. My suggestion is Choosing between hostgator and bluehost.

:lol: What requirements did you base that on? None have been given yet!

HOst Gator is best. GOdady hosting can let you down :slight_smile:

Why do you consider hostgator to be better than other hosts?

With no reply from the OP, I would have thought this thread was dead. Go figure. ;(

Different day, same ** (in terms of the nonsense posted by many non-staff).