Best Hosting Website...Which one you like?

i like to host one of my website, will deal a good number of visitors 2-5k/day.

so what do you suggest? which hosting company i should opt for…

and what do you say about

As long as you get good services any web host is best.

Its all every one experience they would have had on different web hosting services. If you would wish try any one check for the services, read through TOS and other support services.

We’re heading towards a consensus of Godaddy being the worst and Hostgator being the best. From my personal experience, Hostgator is great, but Godaddy is not bad either. Might not be the best, but certainly not as bad as mentioned by many.

Don’t use GoDaddy. They’re a registrar, and hosting is just a commodity they use to increase margins during checkout of their main product, domain names. Hosting is not their primary business and they treat it as such. The service is subpar and everything is locked down to minimize support/abuse issues to the detriment of your ability to use the hosting.

then what do you suggest?

Definitely agreed on avoiding Godaddy - way too slow, at least for the database reliant applications I’ve tested there.

Among Godaddy’s direct competitors in the hosting market, I was nicely surprised with the performance at 1and1, Justhost and Hostgator. Well, not really surprised about Hostgator because I’ve used them for a very long while now, and I could never really complain about uptime or performance.

You will however find varied opinions on these large hosts, but in my experience, they’re among the safer choices.

thanks for your advice…

ofcourse em too thinking about HostGator

I would recommend you to buy a cheap vps for your website if you like to enjoy performance. <snip/>

good luck.

Justhost is garbage. Stay away from them.

Godaddy is one of the worst things to happen to Hosting, so don’t’t go there. They’re better off as a domain registrar.

I think you should consider going for a small VPS plan for the kind of traffic that you’ll be expecting.

we’ve been at Dreamhost for a few years. they’re not too bad for shared since it’s just $9/mo and you get a very nice custom panel (lightyears better than cPanel) and with a VPS for $15/mo you even get 24/7 live chat support which is also MUCH better than the ticket systems of most other hosts. downside is that DH is sort of sluggish once you get a real lot of traffic. we added one VPS, then another, then another, then finally moved away from them to dedicated at Volumedrive when our traffic went beyond 50k uniques/day. currently we have several dedicated Xeon boxes at Dedicated Servers, vSERVERs – SERVER4YOU and are quite happy with them.

GD is very slow on speed and grossly overpriced. There are plenty of other hosts who give greater speed at the same or lower price. You just have to look.

I know I got a great shared plan two years ago and got a free domain as well.

Not to go for godaddy. Many had a bad experience with it. It doesn’t work and you don’t get that support too. You can contact with lots of its users.
There are other major giants too. hostgator as you are planning, lunarpages and fatcow are also good.

I will have to disagree with the recommendation of Fatcow. They have an amusing site, but the hosting is slow, and not very stable either. Most hosting brands owned by EIG use the same hosting platform, and have similar results. There are a few companies that they bought recently that have retained the use of cPanel, and they seem to fare better because of it.

i was hosting my site on goddady but i had serious virus issues and slow performance i am now moved to a2hosting vps package which is far better and cost just little extra

I think that first of all you need to find the solution NOT a web hosting company and only then when you know for sure what you are looking for you will be able to start the search for web hosting company.
If I were you I would use that concern.

i using host of bluehost and hostgator.i like both

i’m using site5 on a shared host and have been using them for probably over 7 years now. They’re pretty good value for money, and their customer support is excellent as if there’s a problem I can immediately go to their website and chat to a tech support person.

It’s not all great however, I generally have an issue every 3-6 months where I need to get in touch with them, but the issue is usually sorted very quickly. I expect that if i was on a private server, issues would be a lot less.

Thanks for the kind words, can you let me know what that issue that keeps popping up every 3 to 6 months is? Just PM me the ticket ID or account, I had repeat issues like and we will take a look. Our team should have fixed that and I’m sorry we missed it.

Or my direct email is,
Thanks, Ben

There are several hosting companies. Choose the hosting package base on your preferred location.

To cater visitors 2-5k/day, advise to take VPS. Shared hosting is too burden.