Hi guys

guys, looking for a general opinion. Who do you think is the top web host. I am looking to move my domain and wonder if I should go with bluehost or justhost.


free or paid ?
for me best host is buehost or godaddy

I hear lot of good things about bluehost.

I hosted my site previously with Hostgator. They were great. Then I moved to Justhost as they are cheaper and just as good. My site’s traffic is little though. So what I am experiencing may not apply to larger sites.

It seems you are web hosting company itself. So does that mean you are not satisfied with the services you provide?

He has a hosting reviews site, not a web hosting company. Even if he would be a host himself, he may very well be using other provider’s reseller accounts etc. Some hosts even go as far as hosting their support area at another host so that if their own network has a problem the customers will still be able to contact them.

To go with this or that web hosting company I suppoe you need at least understand what you are looking for

I hear lot of good things about bluehost

Both of them have a lot of reviews posted about them. I do not think that will be hard to find out more.

The best for hosting i prefer hostgator. They give quick response when encounter some problem within a few minutes.