Recommend me some hosting company to start my freelance career

Hi all, i would like to know what’s good hosting company may help my needs.

I’ve read any web hosting reviews like this but i’m not sure if they are legit…

My suggested list of hosting company before to buy:

My websites should be hosted: (4 domains)

  • My Freelance website
  • My personal blog
  • Blog about tutorials for videogame development
  • Some random startup (not as big)

I’m waiting your recommendatios before i buy some host. :slight_smile:


Any of that web hosts will work for you - no worries. But in any case you need to try each of them perdonally to understand which one is better for you.

Thanks for your reply.

At my first time, i could to order Just Hosting because of price, there a term of service, they will suspend some website are hosted with this company consume more than 10% of CPU usage…

I planned to install 2 Wordpress as personal blog and tutorial blog, it is OK?

YoGem - this is the first time I heard of them, so I cannot really comment

Bluehost - I’ve use their sister company, Hostmonster. Server performance disappointing lately. Uptime 99.88% over 1.5 years.

Web Hosting Hub - I cannot comment on them. Only heard about this company recently.

Just Host - First couple of months were characterized by a slow server, then things improved markedly. I’d say they’re the fastest host I currently use. Uptime is decent enough, about 99.9%. I’m not too sure how well they would cope with a site that gets a good amount of traffic though.

Host Gator - Well established host, great uptime in my experience. Server performance quite good two, though the last few months have been a bit out of character so to speak, with some strange short moments of slowness.

they will suspend some website are hosted with this company consume more than 10% of CPU usage…

When you’re paying $4/month and under, you can expect the host to put 300-400 accounts per server or more. If you look at things from this perspective, you’ll find that 10% CPU usage is actually quite generous. Keep in mind that probably no budget host will allow you to use say 8% of the server’s computing power indefinitely. Sooner or later, you will be a valid candidate for suspension, simply because you’re not profitable to host, and are a potential risk to server stability.

Thanks for reply, i have no experience about CPU usage on their servers, there 2 potential things that i can buy one…, someone recommended it, it doesn’t show “unlimited” option and they allow CPU usage less than 25%, i found it and i may buy for this host, but i can’t decide… i was thinking to buy for 2 years to start my freelance service career, i’m not kind of black hat SEO hacker

please help me to decide! :goof:, someone recommended it, it doesn’t show “unlimited” option and they allow CPU usage less than 25%

They have a good reputation at from what I’ve seen. As for “unlimited”, never read it as “infinite”, read it as “limit not set”. The server stability story always applies. :wink:

Hmmm… i could to order a plan called “Stable” in, its disk space is 5 GB and bandwidth is 100 GB and some features are unlimited.

It is good?

I use dreamhost, after testing for about 2 years I bought the 10 years plan when it was available. After horror stories with about half a dozen other hosts (in europe and canada) it was a relief to find them.

I don’t know how it ranks on specialized web hosting forums, but for me I’m glad to be hosted there.


I can’t decide to use or, they have good prices… has a demo about Cpanel, i visited this demo and it works very well for everything, then justhost doesn’t have a demo and i read bad reviews about justhost, they can take down when CPU usage is 10% and they ask them to control this host to reduce CPU usage.

Hi Vagnok,

First of all, Congratulations on starting your freelance career! Secondly, on to your question. It’s a big question and there are bunch of sub-questions you should be asking such as…

  1. Where are you based? You should ideally choose a host that’s in your country, or in the country you hope to do business in.
  2. What do you hope to host? A few pages of HTML, a couple of wordpress instances, or something bigger. If your needs are modest just a cheap little shared hosting account with a cpanel should do it. If you want more, think about getting a shell account or a VPS.
  3. Will you want to scale up? If yes, you could think about hosting in the cloud.
  4. Do you need windows or linux? If you’re deploying PHP, you’d usually go for linux but it’s your choice. It depends what direction you want to go in.
  5. Will you need support? If you’re starting out, choose someone with a reputation for great support. Chances are you’ll need to pick up that phone often.

Personally I started with a little virtual private server hosted by Rapid Switch in the UK. They’re ultra robust, have excellent bandwidth and they pick up the phone. They also don’t baby you so you have to learn the proper way to do things. There’s no cpanel so you configure apache the proper way using short little scripts. For domains and DNS I use a company called mythic beasts who are generally great at everything. Neither of these companies are the cheapest out there but they give good support and they don’t break down which is important to me.

Good luck with it and I hope you find the one you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your support!

1- I’m from Mexico and i would like to choose the servers are from USA or Europe because they have good servers and experiences, depending on some hosts.

2- My personal website will be HTML5, also with mini CMS for fast editing, 2 blogs which are using wordpress and 1 for some start up (not as big), at once time, if i get a lot of traffic, i should to upgrade the hosting plan.

3- I understand, i will look up about cloud hosting when i get a lot of traffic.

4- I LOVE Linux! it’s considered as ideal OS for servers.

5- I think don’t need a support because i have good experience using Cpanel and something else since 8 years ago.

Thanks for your suggestion,
i learned about your comment, but i can’t afford it until i need more time and getting some traffic, more like start up. :slight_smile:

Any shared hosting plan will do to jump start your web site. Once you become more established, you can upgrade to VPS which should last you a very long time. For now, go with a host that offers a free domain with hosting so you can get a good domain name as well.

Thanks, i will go to bank for despositing my money to my paypal account for a new host. My freelance career will begin on this month.

I was thinking i could to choose

At the risk of reopening an old thread, I’ve actually just had a really good experience with Media Temple who it turns out are awesome, in terms of price and customer service. You can get a decent, pokey little developer friendly virtual box for $30 a month, or you can use their grid hosting system for one click deploys of popular software.

I’ve been looking for a sensibly priced, technically competent host for a while now and I think I have found the solution :slight_smile:

You are right. But for some people that is extra important to have reliable partner on the net.
I believe that reading more reviews about certain company will help more to make right choice.

BTW you are violating signature rules here :wink:

I’ll suggest Hostgator because i’ve used them personally.

Hostgator, site5 , Shopaserver, Dreamhost are some good choice choose any of them