What web host do you think is best?

What web host do you recommend is the best?

Best web host is the company that satisfies your personal needs to 100% in term of customer care, server performance your site requirements and your budget as well.

host gator or something. don’t go to very cheap hosts like webhostingpad or justhost because their servers slow

Does Blue Host have a fast server?

Dynamikemagic, we all know that spam questions like “what hosting can you recommend for me” is the best way to promote your sites using signature links, but why don’t you use search function in forum?

Because I am looking for the latest answers. A lot of things change from time to time.

I must be an idiot because I could NOT see ANY changes every few days (new topics like this get created every day). Could you tell me what has been changed in webhosting industry since yesterday or last week?

Are you looking out for one?

I do not know. That is why I was asking in the first place.

And by putting two and two together it seems like you are the one who wants to create spam post by promoting your site’s signature links by challenging what I posted. I would not recommend that if I was you.

Well, I still believe that Search feature will help you more :slight_smile:

I believe that can help him to find out new names but not understand which web hosting company is the best?

It’s because there is no thing like “the best hosting company”. It sounds like “what is the best car”? Everything depends on personal needs only.

The Best Web Hosting Ever is [firmmonster.com] they offer free web hosting, and web domain etc. Its a great offer from [familypay.org] that I experienced. :slight_smile: check it out and see it for yourself…

I agree. There is no the best web hosting company for everyone.

the answer is google, because they make money without doing evil (or trying to manipulate everyone in the process). you cannot go wrong with them, they are the ultimate answer. can we bury this thread now?

Do you suggest using Google hosting? Yeah, right…

:rofl: < sorry had to … you made me laugh :rofl:

But things can change overnight, for example a big kaboom in one of the major datacenters throwing bunch of hosts offline == lots of post on the web saying "That host suks it was good so far till last night :lol: "

The question "
What web host do you think is best? , has always been a million dollar question , and ones needs and research abilities can answer that for them :goof:

Everyone will say his or her web host is the best if they are satisfied with the service quality they get.

I have been using 123-Reg for many years. No complaints at all and there control panel is very easy to use, which is what i look for most. Some, if not most companies now dont understand HCI and aren’t very user-friendly.

I use Lunarpages, no problem till date…