Reliable Webhosting

Could someone recommend to me a good web hosting company

In my experience, Godaddy has decent uptime, but the scripts run really slow. They may be decent for static content sites, but for forums, blogs etc., I would definitely stay away.

I’ve used HostGator but left them due to my sites starting to crash on a regular basis. Now I use [URL=“”]Host for Web. I wouldn’t say their prices are tremendously better than Host Gator. But I’ve not had too many issues with them. At one point, my site’s were crashing again so they moved me to another server. Things have been fine since. Webmaster shows both my WP sites have good load times and one of them uses a good number of scripts. So, I can’t complain about speed.

Are you talking about shared web hosting service only?
I recommend you include the features of prospective web host you are interested into your request. Just different web hosting services can be used for the different web hosting companies

Do you have any special needs or requirements? Are you looking for some advanced features?

I use for one of my websites. I love them you should give them a try. I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Term ‘reliable’ is vague if you are thinking about the good qualified prompt support and fast services. There are many big name banks world over which collapsed over night and people lost there money. Web hosting business is in itself very fluctual. It cannot be assured whether referred big names will be online next day or not. So nothing is ‘reliable’ like in this industry in our opinion.

Good luck.

It would be easier to suggest you a hosting plan or a company if you can shed some light on your requirements.

Could you please be somewhat specific about your requirements as blinding recommending a hosting company is not a good thing as far as I think.

I suppose that is empty thread. I suppose you need elaborate here for your better understanding.

We all need some information to point you in some direction.

I recommend HOSTGATOR…

We need some more information about your requirments

Is it Personal or E-commerce website ?

I can back your recommendation based on my personal experience with the company. Have you also been using them as a customer? Can we know a domain you’ve been hosting there?

Hostgator is amazing. Been with them for over 2 years now.

I think the web hosting solution will depend on your needs. On what how much you need. That could be you need dedicated server or cloud hosting.
So if you place your request in here you should give us something more.

I have used LimeDomains and it has yielded my top-grade web hosting service to me so far.

Did you use them for the domain name registration or for web hosting?
Be informed thread started is seeking for the WEB hosting

I like, i been using that hosting company for a few of my customers

OP: You should try out some hosts first and see for yourself which ones are good. I can only give you limited suggestions from the hosts I have used but try the typical big hosts and you should definitely try some smaller hosts. Get a good idea of what you want through these trial tests.