Which blogging platform you prefer more?

Hi sitepoint members.I have a simple query to you.I have heard that blogger is best for beginners because of its flexibility to use but wordpress is not as this is not that much flexible like blogger because of its different plug ins.But you can customize your blog more with wordpress than blogger.So what do you prefer ? blogger,wordpress or any other blogging platform.

wordpress is the best cause there are lots of communities supporting them now. Not only do they have the simplicity of a blogging platform, they also have the flexibility of transforming into a full-fledged website. platform.

I prefer a self install instance of Wordpress. Why? Because:

  1. I can use my own domain. This looks more professional. You have made an investment into the site.
  2. I can move my blog to any hosting company I want. With the free ones it is difficult to permanently redirect your existing traffic and the search engines to your new location. Some, like when Vox closed recently, don’t provide any way to do this if they close.
  3. Not limited by the functions provided by free blogging services. If you use a free service, they decide what you can and cannot do.
  4. Not limited by the functions provided by the hosting company when you use their quick install.
  5. Can customize it any way I want. :slight_smile:

WordPress is the best because of its easy to use feature and flexibility

Wordpress, it’s highly customizable!

I am a fan of wordpress, as it is very customizable, and has excellent SEO capabilities compared to its competition.

Also you can either host on your own website or else with wordpress depending on your needs.

Beware though: If you are planning a blog that is commercial in nature…be sure you host on your own site or you will be shut down almost immediately.

You are right ishuvonet. Blogger is easy so it is flexible for beginners. Word press having more plugins so it feels some what tough. I am using both Blogger, Word Press & even Google sites . I am using all these three simultaneously.

I personally prefer Blogger because I am inexperienced with web design and all that good stuff. I run two personal blogs. One is through Blogger and I find it much easier as a beginner to get what I need to do done in a timely manner. Another blog is through Wordpress because it is attached to my site and I can only do a Wordpress insert. I spent days learning the ins and outs of Wordpress and still feel not too good about it. I actually kind of feel like I wasted my time personally.

I have heard lots of good things about Wordpress, but for me I like Blogger better.

wordpress IMO got a good marriage of ease of use and functionality.

Yeah, I recommend Wordpress as well. I haven’t finalize my content yet but I’m really enjoying hopping around my dashboard and the UI. I guess we just have to pick up the best theme that aligns with the main purpose of the blog.

Its nice to back here… :slight_smile:

Wordpress with Self-Hosting plan is considered as the best blogging platform as far as Im concerned. Because more than 60% of our SEO work will be done with the help of Plugins :slight_smile:

I vote Wordpress!! I love Wordpress!

Wordpress its the best. With the simple GUI and a lots of plugins not just professionals but even newbies can write Blogs using Wordpress.

I prefer to wordpress. It is the best option for me as blog editor.

I agree with HTMLTutor.

I did try out Joomla! recently and was actually pretty impressed.

WordPress is high functional and your own domain name is pretty much a must. Domains are pretty good investments.

If you buy your own domain and hosting, you can try out all the platforms on subdomains. Some hosting companies will also do free installs of the blogging platforms so all you have to do is blog.

I think it depends on person;

-With Wordpress you have many plug-ins and you can control a lot of your blog.
-If you don’t have too much time for your blog web-design it’s better to use Blogger.

Wordpress.org is a great blogging platform. You can use plugins and achieve virtually anything with your blog. Its great for search engines and the blog will be completely in your control.

Wordpress.com is the externally hosted version and is of free of cost. Its great for beginners. Its has the same interface such as Wordpress.org. You have some restrictions on Wordpress.com and they can remove your blog if you don’t adhere to their terms and conditions. So the best option is to host your own blog using Wordpress.org.

The best is a self-hosted wordpress blog. Blogspot.com or wordpress.com are LIMITING and slightly unprofessional. It’s not that hard to set up a blog (there are thousands of tutorials) and the script is easy to use. You learn something on the way and also look like someone who’s serious.

those who use blogger are actually using the free versions. wordpress is by far the best blogging platform for me.

You should try Tumblr. Fully customizable and aesthetically pleasing.