Which blogging platform you prefer more?

I prefer to use wordpress than blogger and Tumblr I did try once only.

If you are serious about blogging the WordPress self-hosted domain is preferred else Blogger is the best platform to enjoy free blogging with few risk factors like we are not aware when Google is going to ban our blog!

So, Wordpress with selfhasting domain is the best!

I prefer using Wordpress. Anyway, there so many plugins out there, plugins like SEO ALL in One is essential for SEO.

wordpress is my top choice.
flexible and powerful, allows all sort of customization, great!

I prefer Wordpress, not Joomla, It has more templates, easy in handling, many plugins and addons

I have to say that as a newbie a couple of years ago blogger was very helpful for me to start and learn all the things about blogging like making good content, doing seo, looking for traffic and such… but after I became more serious I prefer wordpress because I can do lots of costumizing I couldn’t do in blogger and there are tons of helpful plugins that makes things easier. Someday if I have time I want to try other platforms, that’ll be interesting.

absolutely wordpress! In my opinion, wordpress is the best blog platform. It has many plugins. Actually it is easy to set up the wordpress blog. But for beginners, just try blogger first to give more experiences in blogging.

Most definitely WordPress

I prefer using html code to write my articles from scratch and just use the previous articles as a template and change the body of the pages. That is how it was done in older days, but it still gets the job done for me.

It is interesting no one has even mentioned b2evolution, Nautilus or Open Blog? I have seen some pretty nifty blogs built with Drupal and Joolma. So is anyone using anything other than WordPress for self hosted blogs?

there are two option , wordpress has more than thousand of plugins.
and blogger has flexible design mode which is best for newbie,
in my point of view for beginner first try with blogger. then wordpress

I would prefer a self-hosted Wordpress set-up for the most control and ownership over your content etc. There are plugins to make everything that posterous and Tumblr does happen automatically in Wordpress. From linking all of your social accounts to e-mailing a post for publication.
But, I’m biased. I’ve been using wordpress since 2005.

Start with wordpress.com then hosted wordpress.org, then customize themes to ur choice.

I think Blogger is good for beginners, but once you’ve learnt the ropes, you are better off using a self hosted Wordpress. Blogger does not give you self-hosted version of their blog.

Wodpress.org software all the way. After all, is the most used and has the most vibrant community.

I highly recommend Wordpress! It has the most support from community and it is more convenient to use along with its cool plug ins.

I use wordpress platform. I cannot make a difference because didn’t use another. But i have lots of plugins here.

Try b2evolution… its new…but the dashboard is excellent and some mindblowing skins… its my honest opinion…

I love wordpress to bits. It allows me to extract my creative juices and I get to use my own domain.

Wordpress is the best platform to me. It’s easy to setup and you can create custom template if you need them. And google love them.