Which is Best?

Hi All, I am new to this blogging world and going to create my blog so please tell me which is best Blogger or Wordpress for my Blog?

Hello, both are the best sites for blogging. But I would like to suggest you to create your bog in blogger.com. In blogger.com you can place the google adsense. Form blogger you can earn money and this is the one good advantage of blogger.com

Blogger is the best choice! You can get all Google products and enjoy the benefits. I think Wordpress is being used in large scale compare to Blogger but you may face suspension of your Blog when hosted on Wordpress if you are not comply with their TOS! This could happen at any time either your blog is new or an old one!!

Hi Nancy,

I used to use blogger.com when I first started blogging. It was fine to start with and learn the ropes but in the end I moved over to Wordpress.org - I now host my own blog on my own domain now and have access to all the plug-in, theme options etc that wordpress.org have to offer. If you don’t want to self host your blog then you will be only able to use the wordpress.com version - this is free like blogger, but in this instance you are limited with what you can do with appearance and overall functionality, but otherwise both are very good to start learning from! Happy Blogging! :spf:

Hi nancy,
Welcome to blogger world.
If you have your own domain then i suggest you wordpress. you can download wordpress script from wordpress dot org and install it on your domain.
There are many themes & plugging available for your wordpress which give professional look to your blog.

If you want to create free blog then go with blogger dot com or wordpress dot com both are good…
but blogger is much better than wordpress because it support adsense.

I assume we are talking here of their free services…

I like blogger. though wordpress has more themes than blogger IMO. What I really like with blogger is its adsense capability not available in Wordress

Blogger is currently the best free hosted blog and wordpress is the best if you are intending to get your own domain name and hosting.

I use both too…
but blogger is much exciting for free version.

Wordpress is very good for hosted domain. :slight_smile:

Since you are new to blogging i totally think is blogger is the best,its user friendly, simple and gives you no chances of getting tangled. So go ahead and get your blogspot account, you can graduate to wordpress later.:slight_smile:

Can you clarify this? Your reply is obscure! How do you assume I’m new to blogging? Also, please read before you reply!

I vote for Wordpress whether your blog is self hosted or a free one. The only thing Blogger has an advantage is if its free and you want to add adsense to it.