Blogspot or wordpress

I want to different between blogspot or wordpress and which best???

Wordpress is the #1 Blogging Platform in my opinion, and the opinions of many others, I’ve got tons of websites/blogs and they are all powered by the wordpress platform, because it just works, thats really the only reason I have.

I am using both of them right now but i feel WordPress is much better compare to blogspot.

no doubt wordpress is better.

The final decision will still be wordpress for most of us I think.

wordpress every day of the week and it has to be on your own host so you can have 100% control of ads and everything that comes with blogging

I use wordpress only and have no idea how is blogspot. So for me wordpress is better.

of course wordpress

wordpress self hosting (wordpress dot org)…

I prefers Blogger because of its simplicity.
I love to do blogging on blogger.

Is their a GOOD wordpress plugin for converting your blogger blog over to a new wordpress self-hosted blog?

I choose wordpress over blogspot as it comes with many plugins and themes that I can use.

Other than that, I have the freedom of hosting on my own site and not worrying that it can be taken off. Best of all, it can customize the look and feel to become e-commerce site.

Both are great, however I would suggest you using wordpress for the easiness of use, multitude of templates available for free, zillions of plugins and so on. :slight_smile:


No contest.

Wordpress is also much better seo friendly if you compare with blogspot.

blogger==>Best for me.:D:D:D. because easy and friendly

It depends entirely on your needs, if you want something with zero effort either in setting up or learning, Blogger makes a good choice. If you want something extensible or usable in your own custom website, then Wordpress is the one to go with. :slight_smile:

Alex hit it on the nail. Blogspot is very straightforward and easy to use. If you’re looking for more customization and widgets, then wordpress should be considered. The Wordpress software does support the function of importing a blogspot blog, if you ever wanted to switch.

Both have hosted versions that are free to sign up for - why not create an account at both services and try them out?

in my expereance blogspot is good and wordpress is best for bloggers.