Which is the best platform for blogging? Blogger or Wordpress

I am very confuse about blogging platform. Many different user have different opinion as per their experience. I would like to hear your experience and opinion. I saw so many blogger migrate from blogger to wordpress. Is it best practice for blogging at wordpress?

It depends. If you’re talking about wordpress as a hosted service provided by Auttomatic (the company that created the blog platform), there’s not much difference.

But, if you’re dowloading your own copy of the wordpress software and you hire your own host space and install it there, it is a completely different business.

Blogger is provided by Google and hosted in Google’s server. Because it is not your own hosting, the flexibility that you may have, even if they have improved it quite a bit, is more limited that if you host it yourself.

Wordpress offers both options: hosted by them (via wordpress.com) or self-hosted (and therefore, you hire your own hosting and services, and depending of what type of service you hire, you can add up as much as you want, not only design-wise but new services too)

When you blog professionally, you want your own domain (you can do that with the hosting option too) but as your blog grows, you may want to add other options, such as an e-commerce platform or a forum or other stuff. You can’t do that unless you use self-hosting

For blogging purpose wordpress is good coz first of all wordpress has a good design template, wordpress is fast in caching and there are many more options available in wordpress to do blogging.

I’d definitely go for Wordpress(selfhosted) if you want complete control over your website. Well, Google could anytime delete your website especially if it is against their terms.

I have used both of them for the blogging purpose. I won’t say that anyone of them is bad. But one thing is for sure that for few things wordpress is better and so is the blogger for few other things.

Based on popularity and the number of people using a particular platform, I would have to sat wordpress.

WordPress open source platform, supporting good seo, niche blogging, easier to administer and modify, supports multiple languages​​, has many plugins. Blogger does not support multiple languages​​, you can not change its own code as you wish, hardly modified. Sometimes things with you

Both are good plate forum but word press is better compare to blogger. word press post quickly indexed while blogger post take more time .

You would think that it would be the opposite, since blogger belongs to Google :slight_smile:

I use wordpress on all my websites (more than 100). It really is best to self host.

Actually it depends upon your purpose. WordPress crawling rate is fast as compared to blogger. But Blogger provides large number of plugins which is available in paid version of WordPress. For a business point of view I think WordPress is better.

Wordpress has always worked better for me and I would recommend self hosting as it gives you more flexibility long term.


If you ask certain question than answer is always you always get one side answer. This is a question like which is the best and giant search engine?. every one addressing the same name Google same way here mostly address WOrdPRess instead of other blogging platform loke blogger, blogs, tumblr. Because wordpress is easy to use and any non technical person also handle it. another thing is there are tons of plugins which almost reduce your work.

WordPress is the best blogging platform we have ever used.

Why? A statement like that isn’t much help without further explanation. The OP is asking for your experience, so it would be helpful if you explain why you consider Wordpress to be the best.

I think wordpress is easier to use and has better design templates

Each has advantages and disadvantages, but I find the current wordpress is much preferred because of its flexibility and plugin development is also very good for

Wordpress is well regarded as one of the best blogging platforms available, with its large user community that you can engage with to learn tips/tricks and support you in your blogging efforts.

Based on my years of experience i will recommend you wordpress is best platform for blogging.
1- Wordpress community is growing while blogger community is little.
2- You can do lot more things in wordpress compare to blogger like categories, themes, plugins, custom post types, taxonomies.

Migration from blogger to wordpress, though u will face some pain in beginning if you don’t exactly know how to set redirect/htacess file. But it will worth you in long run.
70% sites on internet are using wordpress.

WordPress is the best platform for blogging because it allows diffrent styles and customization to blog styles.