Where to blog?

I am new in affiliate marketing, and thinking about starting a blog somewhere. So which blog?


My best advice I can give you - a GREAT start is…

Blog about somthing you are passionate about and somthing you enjoy talking about.
Doing so will make it easier for you to stick with it.

If you’re asking which blogging platform is the best, I recommend you set up a basic account on a reliable host such as Hostgator and install Wordpress using Fantastico or a similar tool. This will allow you to have your own domain and more freedom with what you do than if you go with something like Blogspot.

Blogging is the best way for affiliate marketing, I recommending you to use wordpress blog as it has so many customizing features. You can use these features for optimizing and generating good traffic and any interested topics.

What are you trying to ask?? I didn’t get your question.

Well, i basically just wanna know where to start really.

it depends if you prefer a paid hosting or a free hosting. A paid hosting gives you more freedom and you can download your content to your computer at anytime. A free hosting like blogspot, it gives you an almost complete features to start blogging. But the downsite is you have less freedom to manage your posting. And, you are not able to download your posting from blogspot. You have to keep your write-up your own separately.

Livejournal or blogspot


If you are planning an affiliate blog, you’ll first need to choose something to sell, preferably a balance between good commissions, high traffic, and low competition in the SERPs (obviously you’re not likely to find any niche that scores perfectly in all 3 areas). It also helps if it’s something you’re already familiar with and enjoy writing about.

To do the keyword research, you may need a tool such as Traffic Travis or Market Samurai. Traffic Travis is still giving away a free, limited but surprisingly capable version of their software. You can use this to find keywords related to your niche that have reasonable traffic and low competition.

Once you decide what to blog about, how to monetize it, and what keywords you need, it’s time to actually write something :slight_smile: Once you have a few good articles published on your site, you’ll probably want to do some networking and backlinking in order to increase your SE rank and get more traffic.

Affiliate blogging is a huge world of its own - this is just a place to start.

Thank you so much for all the advices and information

If you are looking for hosted edition i suggest to have blogspot that Comes with lot of easy to integrate features (Being run by Google)
If you would like to start your own blog in the stand alone version then i recommend to go for Wordpress( Easy to use,successful,huge support…)

I agree with Sakthig, I am a great wordpress fan, you can either sign up for a free blog at wordpress.com, or buy a domain name and self host using the wordpress.org platform The latter is only for self hosting though. If you want you can start with wordpress.com to build your links and export it onto you chosen domain name.:cool:

I would like to suggest you to start with tutorial blog like you can start with how to repair computers, how to remove facebook application and etc. These are one of the most readable blogs all around the globe because people need to understand what they want.

If you meant tool, Blogger or wordpress. If you meant topics, start with what you are good with or what you know about.

Try blogger.com

Blog is an online diary. So you should create in the topic of which you are passionate about. Since you have to write for your blog at regular intervals or daily, its very important that you have the interest in the topic.

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