Question on starting a blog

Hi everyone. I’m a complete newbie here. If I were to start a blog, what are some of the things

I should do first? Or how do I begin? Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated.



What do you mean? From a technical standpoint? A design standpoint? A content standpoint?

Have you selected a blogging platform you wanted to use? Were you looking for opinions on various blogging platforms?

I’m sorry. Yes, what platform would you suggest? I dont want to spend a lot of money at first,

Being that I’m just starting out, if thats possible. Once again sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the

Quick reply.


Wordpress is a very good platform. Manageable and easy to use. Also, it has many free available templates online you can choose from. Good luck and happy blogging. :smiley:

Hi squinx22. Thanks, I will check it out. Sounds like a good place to start.


Are you planing to do start free blogging or self domain??? Anyway if you plainning to buy a new domain then domain mae is an important thing. Then try to find out the best hosting provider for you. You can easily start blogging by installing a Wordpress script in it.

Hi ron80hall. I’m not sure yet. Just trying to get some info on it. I may just start by

going to blogger and checking them out. They seem the most basic. I believe they even

have several templates to choose from. As soon as I get a chance I’ll check it out.

Thanks for all your help. It’s been greatly appreciated.


If you are serious about blogging, then start with a topic that your are actually interested in. It will help you to carry your blog in a better way.

Is it going to be for business or personal use?

Hi yesica, I’m not exactly sure, can it be both? Or would I have to have more than one?


You can have one blog for both business and personal use but its preferable to have two different ones imo. Before you get ready to jump in to web hosting and what not I would recommend going with a free host first like Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL and cPanel, No Ads or [url=]Free hosting, web host free, free websites hosting, freewebsite to get your feet wet. They both let you get sub-domains under them so you can play with it. Also you would be able to use your own domain name if you had one registered already. I signed up with 000webhost a few minutes ago to try them out for a friend. If you chose them you would have to install wordpress yourself. They advertise an auto-installer but there is a message saying they are upgrading it (which is probably a scheme to jump you to a paid account where you wouldn’t have that problem). I was able to get wordpress up and running on there myself just fine though. Its not hard at all to create mysql databases and you can transfer files via FTP. I will say the FTP transfer was HORRIBLY slow. I thought I would die of old age. I didn’t sign up for an account at 1freehosting to test out their speed. Once the files were uploaded I was able to get wp up and running in under 5 minutes (just takes a few clicks).

Using free hosts like them allow newbies to gain some experience with web design without putting a dent in your pocket. Highly recommended as a starting point and you can always switch hosts later if you outgrow free hosting services. It is relatively easy to move your site somewhere else.

Hi Ryo-ohki. Thank you so much for all the great info. I really appreciate it. I will look into

these options. Sounds like theres several ways to go about this blogging. Thanks again.


Well, we could read into this so much and go off on so many tangents that it may not all make sense or be helpful to you.

First, you should answer these questions here , then we can narrow it down for you. some have already been noted

  1. personal or business ?
  2. Based on #1: what is your topic or focus?
  3. Based on all of the above: what is your budget ?

Other questions to think about:

  • your audience
  • are you looking to make money with this ?
  • do you tweet and socialize already? you can link to through all that and get readers quickly to your site if you already have a facebook or twitter following.

you can do it all for free if you want on , , etc. there are hundreds of free blogging sites. They are super easy to use, setup and publish posts and have many formats and templates you can use at will.

If you are a newbie to this blogging thing… then start with a free one at , you can have a site up in about 30 minutes or less, plus writing time .

Hi Kevin. I’m thinking both personal and business, eventually. Also trying to stay low

on cost. I’m going to check out blogger. Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.


You should be in love with “Writing” too. Blogs provided with quality food i.e content grows well, no matter what platform you use or you are blogging professionally or on personal level.

Hey man, the most important question that you need to ask yourself is why are you thinking to start a blog?
Specially why a blog, not a website? What are you going to write in it?

If this is very clear to you, then everything else will follow.

I would defintely suggest wordpress. Most maleable CMS option and blog tool.

Start learning basic blogging concept. Come up to with one topic for your blog. Be yourself when you post any article and of course be unique. It’s the key to maximise you rank in search engines. :smiley: Happy blogging…

Yes, for posting you definitely should have a good and unique posts. For the basic blogging concept, try to use a free platform for creating your blog such as blogger or wordpress just like whats mentioned in the posts above. Then find the niche or topic you want to discuss and share info in your blog and of course choose the right keyword for it. After all this, you can now optimize your blog to get more traffic and to rank your chosen keywords in the first page of google. Good Luck!

If you plan to do free blogging for business, wordpress is the best.