Best blogger for a stater

Am new to blogging which blogger is best for a beginer to start with for adsense earnings.Thanks

You can try or wordpress, then if you manage to make some money buy your own domain + shared hosting :wink:

Hello Bismark
In personal opinion if you want to win some earning from you’re blog, you must first invest a little, like any other business you need to invest before making profit. Try blogger, play a little, after you get the hang of it, go with paid host and domain.
Best of luck.

blogspot is good for the beginners, i would suggest you build your site well and post more content before using adsense

I would suggest wordpress or blogger but you can try blogspot as well. They are free so if ever you’ll have earnings, you can buy your own domain. Good luck!

For a beginner, always get in hands with blogspot domains, learn to the maximum and move to a self hosted wordpress blog. Try your experiments on blogspot domain. IMO, learn and share, adsense money and everything will follow you automatically. Its like 80-20 rule, 80% of things happen because of 20% of causes. Work hard with passion 20%, rest will automatically follow you.

Yes blogger is best to start for a beginner.but remember adsense will reject your application if you use subdomain like blogspot.Best is buy your own domain and hosted it in blogger as blogger is more flexible to use.

My suggestion would be to

  • buy a .com domain
  • get a free hosting that dont have ads (just search google for that),
  • install WP complete with nice theme and required plugins
  • start typing
  • if confuse just browse sitepoint.

DoFollow Backlink would lead to the score and PR.

NoFollow would lead to the ratings, but not Backlink PR.

Should choose the correct method, as appropriate.

I go for Wordpress because it has a nice design and good site tracking.

i like word press because it’s customized

Wordpress and Blogger are the best site for a blog starter :slight_smile:

Most of our staff are using blogspot because it is easy to navigate and update.

To a blog beginner I suggest the Blog spot, [URL=“”]Word press & [URL=“”]Google sits . These are the some of the free blogging sites to create a blog easily.

Hello Bismark!
Regarding the blogging, is the best platform for beginners to start up with.
If you believe that you are capable and can earn what you have invested via WordPress Self hosting blog which costs you around 100$/year.
Which if you work smartly can return 10 times what you have invested with in the span of 1 year!!

i feel u should try blogger , and then go to wordpress

Don’t start a blog with the intention to earn money. The intention should be that you are passionate about a certain subject and want to share your knowledge with the world.

Bismark1 don’t confuse, want to earn go a head follow the appropriate steps like:
buy your won domain.
install package(WP) which manage and maintenance.

Actually is an easy way to get the ins and outs of using a wordpress site if and when you decide to get your own domain and host it yourself. I also believe it was Sitepoint who is doing a course on blogging as well. Looked interesting. But I agree with everyone, do not go into this looking to make money, go in it with the passion of what you are writing about. would be a great way to start blogging. If your blog takes off and performs well you can export the data and host the blog yourself using

You can also host your own Wordpress blog at for just $4. You can try this cheap option as well. It gives you limited hosting, unlimited bandwidth, free premium themes from Woothemes and StudioPress etc.