Please help me

I am looking to make a blog for sharing my own hobbies and interest with online world but i am confused with blogging companies i should go with Blogger or wordpress

Wordpress is very easy to use blog system,I suggest you use it

I prefer wordpress over blogger.

If you have a existing domain the best is wordpress. but if you dont have a domain or hosting i think blogspot can help you.

Wordpress is much more user friendly…but you cannot put ads on a blog

Wordpress. Free hosting or Paid hosting, wordpress is still better.

blogger? Do you mean google’s blog? I suggest you to choose it, but I think it is blogspot.

Go with

yeah. good. you can select either blogger or wordpress. because both having different user friendly facilities.

try blogger because simple and easy to use

In initial stage,

blogger(blogspot) is easy one to work out
Adv : Earn money with ads

But if u want to blog with out earning then wordpress

both are correct, but WordPress blog is most CEO friendly.

blogger doesn’t require hosting, so if you’re not sure what you are doing, go for that

I love using WP because it is easy to use and you put tons of plugins and widgets unlike Blogger you are only limited to built-in they have plus you need to go through the codes if you want to add something.

However, if you want to earn through your blog - you should go for blogger because it allows you to put ads on it.

If you really to have a full control of your blog - there are several free hosting. Just let your fingers do the work.

I suggest you sign up with Blogspot for the sake of getting Google Adsense account, that’s the fastest way to get Google Adsense. After that, you can decide on where you want to make money, eg Hubpages, Blogspot or Wordpress

I would suggest you to try wordpress if you have the basic idea about blogging engines

I would recommend your wordpress.To check a detailed comparison between two check this posting:

wordpress more better than blogspot . Wordpress not limited compare to blogspot. Dip toe in the water first before trying more advance feature , it can save your investment. Planning is a good idea .

I would definitely suggest wordpress, I tried blogger too but wordpress is much more feature rich.

I vote WordPress! :slight_smile: