Decisions Decisions!

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Decisions decisions! :S :confused:

Okay, so I’ve decided I want to make a blog and have read loadds of information and tips online about blogging, so I’m pretty serious and determined about it. I have also decided that I want to make money from it (I’m aiming for £4,000 in 2 years, to pay for my gay year) and I know I pretty much need a domain name, web hosting, a pretty good layout and logo etc, and a nifty blogging platform. From my research I’ve found that is the platform I want to go with, I just have a few difficulties with how to approach and plan out how I’m going to go about creating my blog and the process of monetizing it, so here are my problems:

  1. I don’t think I can really afford to have my blog hosted immediately - I’m 16 and although I have £500 in the bank, I’m not really prepared to spend a chunk of that on a blog that may not succeed, month after month. I ideally want to wait until my blog has an established brand, readers and followers etc before buying hosting, that way I can use the income from advertising to pay for the hosting (hopefully). Will this affect the change over process when I do eventually get my blog hosted (I can afford a domain, but when it is hosted will all my readers be lost, will the blog site be redirected and will my blogs status on search engines be erased?)

  2. Should I build up the status and readers/subscribers of my blog first before putting ads on it etc, or put ads on straight away?

  3. If I’m putting ads on straight away, that means I have to go with blogger because doesn’t allow adverts for regular, free accounts.

  4. Also, blogger allows you to put your pre-bought domain name on for free, whereas charges you. Therefore, if I go with blogger first, without a host, then decide when I have hosting to go with as a platform, will this mess everything up even more, like it was a brand new blog?

So sorry about this long and confusing post, I just really need some guidance here. Any help at all is very much appreciated and if you need any clarification about what I’ve just chatted on about, then do ask as many questions as you like. I understand that this is a bit of a pickle I’m in!



Hi Jekilla, welcome to SitePoint!

Are you sure you can’t afford hosting? You can get decent hosting for $5 per month…not much more than the price of a coffee. I would suggest getting your own hosting and going with It will save a lot of messing around in future if you are already set up on the foundations you want to build on.

An alternative might be to find someone who has a hosting account who could give you free hosting for a while.

I’ll let others comment on the advertising, but I don’t see any problem with advertising straight up. I guess it depends on the kind of advertising you are using.

Hi Jekilla, welcome to the forums,

I second the free vs. paid hosting comment.

First there is no such thing as “free”, they will have some kind of limitation either in the form of the host’s advertizing, limited options as to what you can do, or both. And it generally just doesn’t look professional. A URL like

just isn’t the same as

Free sites are OK for learning how to do stuff, and having a personal site, but if you are planning on being professional, make the small investment.

Hey Mittineague and ralph, thanks for the feedback; I think your both right that it’ll be worth the initial investment of hosting and domains etc if I’m going to take this seriously. It’s just a whole load simpler as well! After some research I think I’m going to go with bluehost for hosting. Just struggling with names for the blog (which btw will be about travel and adventure).

Anyway I digress. Thanks again for your help, it helped me clarify what I want and how to go about this whole process. :smiley:

Oooo, my little brain is already playing with variations of ‘Odyssey’.

I’m glad you’ve decided to go with paid hosting, it’s the best decision you can make, free hosts generally don’t allow advertising or monetization from their services in their terms of service agreement (so you may well have encountered some real issues if you tried it). It’s not like hosting is the most expensive thing in the world anyway, a domain and hosting can cost less than £60 a year (depending where you get it). As for the domain name, a few ideas could include… blogventure (ORG, NET, INFO available), traveloggr (All available) and blogyssey (play on ralphs suggestion: NET, INFO, ORG available). :slight_smile:

Always start without advertising, you want to draw that initial audience rather than have a generic site filled with advertisements, get those people addicted, put up loads of great unique content, use social networks to help boost your community and then when you have a good following, put up some subtle adverts and ask people to donate (this may work better than having loads of intrusive banners everywhere). :slight_smile:

Good suggestions!

Thanks very much for the suggestions guys! I’ve come up with a few more that I’d appreciate your opinion on if you have a moment: - was taken :frowning: - again, adventurize was taken :((

I think my personal favourites are miscadventure and adventureshuffle. However I do have concerns over the lengths of these.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

My advice will be
First buy a domain name and start a free blogger blog with your custom domain.
You can easily migrate your blogger blog to wordpress at any time.

Jekilla, miscadventure is the best of the ones you came up with (IMO), though I still like (traveloggr) in the sense that it has a nice ring to it. Perhaps if you want something shorter you should think of words that mean adventure (but are shorter), I tend to get the dictionary out and look for synonyms for domain name ideas! :slight_smile:

They sky’s the limit in terms of inventive names. I also would shoot for something shorter and more pithy. To be honest, ‘miscadventure’ sounds too much like ‘misadventure’—that was my first reaction, and in this game, first reactions can seal your fate. I’m also not too keen on ‘adventureize’. But the others are ok, although, as I said, something shorter would be better.

You could go for something more radical like